Electric Vehicles

The UK Government will ban sales of non-hybrid cars and vans in 2030, with a target a 100% electric market five years later. However, with a growing choice of vehicles and rapid improvements in range, charging time and performance, there are already plenty of reasons to make the switch. Find out more below.

Thinking about an electric vehicle?

Thinking EV? Six reasons to make the switch

Sometimes, picking a new car is as simple as seeing a vehicle you just know you want. More often, it’s a complicated decision where you weigh up a range of factors before selecting the best option for you. If you’re in this position, here are six reasons to think EV. 

2021 Plug in Grant rates and eligibility

Grant funding for electric vehicles was changed in March 2021. Click here to find out the latest rates and requirements.

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How much will your electric vehicle cost to run?

Using the range, battery capacity and energy price can provide a rough indication of ‘fuel’ costs per mile. You can find out more about fuel costs, or try our cost per mile calculator.

Thinking about an electric vehicle?

Getting the most out of a Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in hybrids can be an important stepping stone in the journey to full electrification. But it’s a technology requiring careful deployment and diligent driver behaviour. Find out more about the pros and cons here.

Which electric vehicle is right for me?

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