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Understanding Electric Vehicles (EV)

Whether you want to understand the benefits or costs of EV, find out more about charging at home, at work and out and about, or learn more about driving EVs, Mr. E. is here to make sure that your transition to ​EV is a smooth ride.

Benefits of electric vehicles

Mr. E. tells you all about Electric Vehicles,​ the benefits of EVs​, and how they’ll definitely change the​ way you drive.

Costs of an EV

An electric vehicle is more affordable than you think, in some cases even cheaper than traditional petrol or diesel cars. Allow Mr. E to talk you through the total cost of ownership and we’re sure he’ll blow away any misconceptions you may have.

EV range

Let Mr. E explain you why you shouldn’t be concerned about range. Small changes in your driving habits and a bit of planning ahead of long trips it’s all it takes.


Home charging

Charging at home during the night is the best way to have a full battery for the next day, and LeasePlan will make that even easier by installing and managing your private home charger.

Workplace charging

Once you Start Electric you’ll soon realize that an hour here and there is all it takes to keep you on the road, for example charging at work is a good solution if you have limited options and one of the cheapest way of charging.

Public charging

Is your range anxiety putting the brakes on going EV? Put those worries aside, says Mr. E because, in Europe there are more than 150,000 public chargers and a growing number of these are fast-charging poles.

Standard Charging

Does charging your car sounds complicated? Let Mr. E show you how easy it actually is through these few steps.

Fast charging

Did you know that you can charge your EV in only 30 minutes with a fast-charger? Sure, it costs more than standard charging – still significantly cheaper than old-fashioned fuel− but it’s certainly something to consider when you’re on the road and time is of the essence.

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla is a front runner in almost everything concerning EVs and its superchargers are proof. With automatic identification, provided charging cable and increased charging speed it gives one more reason to Start Electric.

Charging time

Several factors have to be taken into account when calculating the charging time of your EV. Let Mr. E walk you through it and show you that it’s less complicated than it seems.

Where to charge

Your EV is fully integrated with your smartphone: when you want to know where to charge, there are tons of apps and websites that will instantly provide you with all the information on the closest charging stations.

Charging payment

How do payments for charging EVs work?

Let Mr. E explain you what are the payment options available, what smart chargers are and how parking costs are calculated.

What if the charging pole doesn’t work

What if your charging pole doesn’t work? Don’t worry, Mr. E won’t leave you stranded. Follow his checklist to solve any issue you may encounter when charging your EV.


In this episode Mr. E addresses all the issues surrounding EV batteries.


Driving your EV

Strap on your seatbelt and take a ride with Mr. E as he shows you how driving electric really feels like.

Driving tips

Your driving style can influence the range of your EV, find out how with Mr. E.

LeasePlan charging

The LeasePlan charging app

With the LeasePlan charging app start electric has never been easier. The app will not only help you find the nearest charging station but allows you to see the number of poles at any station, the charging speed per pole, the directions, and so much more.

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