Thinking about an electric vehicle?

Thinking EV? Six reasons to make the switch

Sometimes, picking a new car is as simple as seeing a vehicle you just know you want. More often, it’s a complicated decision where you weigh up a range of factors before selecting the best option for you. If you’re in this position, here are six reasons to think EV.

1. You’re helping the environment

Electric cars aren’t completely free of CO2. A lot of the electricity they use comes from non-renewable sources, plus they have to be built and transported, which is likely to involve emissions as well.

However, it seems safe to say that they are still a lot better for the environment than petrol or diesel engines. It generally produces less CO2 to create energy in a power station than it does to do it in a car engine, plus some of your electricity will likely come from renewable sources. On top of that, an electric engine is around three times more efficient than a petrol engine in terms of how it uses its power. All in all, you can be confident you’re making a difference.

2. And doing your bit for air quality

If the CO2 argument is nuanced, the air quality one is lot easier. You don’t get Nitrogen Dioxide or particulates from an electric engine – and while they may be produced by a power station, they are realised much higher into the atmosphere (and not generally in city centres). There are still some particulates created by all cars, of course, as they can be generated by wear to brakes, tyres and the road surface itself, but an EV really does mean fresher air.

3. There’s lots of choice

A little while back, people might have been put off EVs because pretty much the only options were small, worthy (but maybe a bit boring) cars or very desirable, but very expensive luxury models. Now, the situation is very different. Just take a look at our graphic.

4. They’re nicer to drive

This is something that many drivers of petrol and diesel cars don’t really think about (unless they own a top-end car like a Rolls Royce, of course). EVs are quiet. Really quiet. There’s basically no engine noise inside the car, so it’s a lot more peaceful and relaxing to drive. You can read more on this here.

5. They have a lot of extras

OK, so pretty much nobody buys a car just for the gadgets, but they’re still worth taking into account. From features that keep you safe to those that just make driving a little more pleasurable (or allow you to show-off a little), many EVs back up the technological credentials of their engines with their manufacturer’s latest developments in other areas as well. Plus, some come with features that could only really exist on an electric car (such as Tesla’s well-known ‘Ludicrous mode’).

6. They’re affordable

EVs tend to cost more upfront than a comparable petrol or diesel car. But the situation can seem very different when you look at the total amount you pay through the life of owning or leasing an EV. There are a lot of areas where they cost less than a petrol or diesel car – and when you add these all up, you could find that an EV is just as affordable as a traditionally fuelled vehicle.

In fact, if you have one as a company car, the savings can be even greater, as they have far lower benefit in kind (BIK)) tax rates – including a 0% rate for the 2020/21 tax year. You can find out more about the cost benefits in our article.



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