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Don’t miss the EV Summit Online Series on EV leasing

With the ban on petrol and diesel engines now less than a decade away, many businesses must break down the barriers that are stopping their fleets from switching to electric vehicles.

If your company is in this situation, you need to watch the EV Summit Online Series video about ‘Leasing and the Acceleration of EVs’.

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It gives you the chance to hear from five expert speakers about the key cases for EV adoption – cost effectiveness, employee brand benefits, infrastructure and the broader case for sustainability.

The speakers

  • Simon Down, Associate Director at Deloitte, looks at how the more affordable total cost of ownership for EVs can overcome a higher average purchase price.
  • Matthew Walters, Head of Consultancy, LeasePlan UK, gives the keynote speech exploring what is happening in the market, including the rise in EV sales in 2020. He then explains how leasing can be an effective way to make the switch, particularly with the tools and products that LeasePlan has to offer.
  • Lorna McAtear, Fleet Manager at National Grid, looks at the value of EVs as an employee benefit, particularly when tied in with the installation of office charging stations. This can improve your employees’ time management, make them happier and give them a sense of pride about their employer.
  • Peter Coombs, Country Communications Manager at ABB, takes on the infrastructure argument and points out that with the UK’s average daily mileage of 21 miles, most people can charge at home. However, this isn’t a solution for everyone, so he also considers how to move forward with the country’s charging infrastructure.
  • Penelope Guarnay, Carbon Programme Manager at BT, examines the broader case for sustainability and how EVs can help fight climate change by dramatically cutting fossil fuel emissions – or getting rid of them entirely when renewable energy is used for charging.


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