The UK’s best cities for electric vehicles

A recent study, using UK Government data, rated 20 of the largest cities in the UK on four essential factors for electric vehicle (EV) owners – home charging cost, the availability of standard and rapid chargers on a per capita basis and the availability of rapid chargers on a per vehicle basis.

Coventry took the top spot with 70 out of 80 points, with Sunderland and Newcastle close behind. The ratings then started to fall sharply, with Leeds in fourth place at 56 points and Middlesbrough at fifth with 52.

London was just under the top five with 49 points and by the time you reach tenth place – Cardiff, the rating was just 39 points. Last place out of the 20 went to Leicester, but it was only a little further back on 26.

It’s clear to see that some cities are really starting to get it right with EVs, but  there’s still some way to go for the whole of the UK to be ready for electric motoring. With the ban on new petrol and diesel engines now less than a decade away, there is still much to do to get the essential infrastructure in place.

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Normalising EV driving in the UK Comment: LeasePlan on normalising EV driving in the UK (


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