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On-site Business Solutions

Our customer

On Site Solutions Business with 40,000 employees delivering a range of services from construction management, reception and food services through to asset maintenance and security.

The challenge

Through researching our client’s business needs – as a large on site solutions business – we identified four key focus objectives for the year that would enable them to help achieve their overall business strategy, with their priority being to ensure their at-work drivers were safe and compliant.

Like many businesses, reducing the cost of operating one of the largest expenses – fleet – was a consideration; and with clear goals on improving top line growth and bottom line growth, LeasePlan was tasked with identifying opportunities for cost reduction.

The final, and most visible, of the focus areas was around employee engagement – and it wanted its car choice list to reflect the needs and aspirations of its employees.

The company’s four key focus areas were;

  1. Health and Safety (compliance and safety of employees)
  2. Top line growth (increasing profitability and share of market)
  3. Bottom line growth (reducing overheads)
  4. Employee engagement (improving employee morale and benefits)

The approach

LeasePlan partnered with the Human Resources and Fleet Team to build a ‘Relationship Roadmap’ – which included proposals to help tackle the four key focus areas and highlight the business benefits.

1.Reducing road risk.

LeasePlan recommended the company address its total driver risk through its targeted risk awareness programme – Risk Aware.

Online and face to face training was carried out and general awareness of road risk was highlighted throughout the organisation.

This provided a quarterly risk scorecard that measured driver risk, highlighting those with the highest levels and recommended risk mitigation services to help reduce these for the future.

The result? By increasing awareness of individual driver risk and recommending ways to target this incident rates have reduced from 33% to 25%, total losses have halved and vehicle off road time has reduced by 15%.

2.Bottom line growth: Drive up adoption of digital services.

LeasePlan Digital processes and systems were implemented and rolled out to company car drivers – including app and bespoke website with quotes, orders, progress tracking.

The result? The widespread adoption of LeasePlan digital services has reduced administration and dependency on internal teams.

3.Reduction in overheads: Reduction in fuel fraud.

LeasePlan engaged with the organisation to make them aware of the scale of the problem, the cost implications of discrepancies in fuel fraud – and the damage to the company’s bottom line.

The result? By measuring and matching management information the company has been able to gain valuable data to tackle over inflated fuel reclaims, and reduce the filling of non-approved vehicles.

4.Employee Engagement: Create an attractive car benefits scheme with best practice fleet principles.

Conducted sector fleet policy bench-marking creating an industry bench-marked employee car choice list.

The result? Once implemented, the policy will deliver benefits on both sides, with cost savings for the company and an attractive choice list for drivers, based on offering the most fuel and tax efficient vehicles.

In addition, to support the company’s goal of developing women’s careers through mentoring initiatives and encouraging women to pursue developmental opportunities, LeasePlan shared best practice between its own and the company’s Diversity and Inclusion Teams.

The result? The Company is now working toward Investors in People (Gold) and LeasePlan has in turn adopted the company’s ‘Back to Work’ scheme to assist in the journey back to employment after a time of absence.

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Being responsible for a fleet of vehicles can be challenging and, with added complications such as sustainability policies, tax alignment and cost management, having access to expert advice can really pay off.

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