LeasePlan simplifies Clancy Group’s electric company car fleet


Construction giant Clancy Group has selected LeasePlan as leasing supplier for its new ‘electric first’ company car policy, supporting a business-wide strategy to improve sustainability and reduce operating costs.

Founded in 1958, the family-owned company employs more than 2,200 staff across eight offices and numerous project sites throughout the UK, focused on water, energy and transport infrastructure. It’s also aiming to become a net zero CO2 business by 2030, with a targeted 50% reduction in emissions between 2020 and 2025 supported by £20m investment in equipment and systems – its biggest yet.

That transition is spearheaded by Clancy Plant director, Tom Gleeson. Commercial vehicles and plant are being electrified where the technology fits its operational demands, but company cars offered flexibility for even faster progress. The group has 400 user-chooser cars, mostly allocated to field-based supervisors, administrative staff and management, and previously these had been owned or contract hired. By switching to leasing, the goal is to convert 20% of that fleet to electric within a year of the scheme going live.

Head of Clancy Plant, David Janes, added that LeasePlan was chosen following a rigorous tendering process based on detailed modelling of whole-life costs. Using the WLC allowed us to calibrate the car bands and enabled an ‘electric first’ user-chooser policy which, with the breadth of models now available, is also attractive for employees.

All vehicles are supplied with maintenance and tyres and supported by Clancy Group’s own investment in charging infrastructure. Chargepoints are being rolled out at all of its offices, including rapids at its headquarters, complementing increased use of renewable energy at those sites. Drivers can also get an allowance towards home chargepoints, and self-serve access to LeasePlan’s comprehensive electric vehicle guides to help address any concerns before ordering.

Janes commented:

“We went to LeasePlan with pure electric in mind, and they made the transition easy. They organised roadshows and team sessions, which were well thought of by employees, and the Driver Portal takes out a lot of the legwork. It means they can choose vehicles and have all of their questions answered before they come to us.

“Using a whole life cost model has also made it more attractive for users – we’ve already got 72 vehicles on order with 45 more in the pipeline, and there’s a vast array of electric cars to choose from, so there’s something to suit everybody.”

Chris Black, commercial director at LeasePlan UK, said:

“We’re delighted to see Clancy Group’s electric company car scheme get off to a good start and really resonate with drivers. With strong financial incentives and an ever-wide selection of models to choose from, it’s an attractive proposition for employees which also makes good business sense.

“LeasePlan is one of the world’s largest suppliers of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, accounting for almost one in three deliveries (31.8%) last year. It means we’re able to not only offer expert guidance for businesses of all sizes, but user-friendly guidance to make it as easy as possible for drivers too.”




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