Aviva Fleet Consolidation

If you talk about consolidating your fleet operation, you are likely to hear all about the risks. People will mutter about eggs in one basket or a single point of failure. But the benefits can be substantial too, as Aviva and its fleet manager, Ryan Coles, discovered.

When you talk to Ryan Coles about the advantages of consolidation, one benefit stands above the rest. It allows his small team to concentrate on the bigger picture. Just three people are able to look after a fleet of 771 cars in the UK and a further 80 in Ireland, as LeasePlan handles the nitty-gritty, day-to-day workings for them.

Coles acknowledges it may have been a gamble when they brought everything together a few years ago, but for them it has worked out very well. He cites the example of vehicles that are set to be off the road for long periods of time to show how his team benefits from LeasePlan’s knowledge.

He says,

Instead of having to hire a vehicle, we can give them a car from the reallocation pool, which saves us money straight away. But that’s just the start. We also get monthly and quarterly metrics about total off-road time and costs, so we can find hotspots much faster, whether it’s a specific service that needs support or a certain driver who is becoming higher risk.

Coles also points out that the benefits of having an expertly managed fleet go beyond just keeping drivers on the move. Working closely with LeasePlan, they are able to offer brands that are at the cutting edge of plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles, with all the additional features these cars naturally enjoy, such as adaptive cruise control and autonomous emergency braking.

This can help keep drivers safe on the road, but it also shows them that they are valued by their employer – helping retention and providing an attractive part of the total benefits package for potential new hires.

Aviva is also a carbon-neutral company, which offsets all its emissions. With LeasePlan offering an easy way for drivers to move to low-carbon vehicles, and Aviva providing all the necessary charging facilities on site, they can make savings on their offsets, which they can feed back to their shareholders and invest in their business.

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