LeasePlan Investors in People Gold Accreditation

We’re delighted to say that LeasePlan has been re-accredited as a Gold ‘We invest in people’ employer by Investors in People, which means we have now held this accreditation since 2010.

The accreditation process has been developed over almost three decades and it is recognised in 66 countries. It involves a rigorous nine-step analysis broken into three areas:


  • Leading and inspiring people
  • Living the organisation’s values and behaviours
  • Empowering and involving people


  • Managing performance
  • Rewarding and recognising high performance
  • Structuring work


  • Building capability
  • Delivering continuous improvement
  • Creating sustainable success

Steve Moss, HR and Legal Director at LeasePlan UK

“While being re-accredited as a Gold employer is the headline message, and is something we’re very pleased to receive, the analysis also highlighted a number of strengths that we should be particularly proud of. These covered a wide range of essential areas for a happy workplace – from embracing change and encouraging high performance to improving through internal and external sources and enabling collaborative working.”

“We know that if we want to be the best as a company, we must help LeasePlanners do their best in their jobs and careers. Keeping our Gold accreditation for how we lead, support and improve our employees is a great indication that we’re getting things right, but we won’t be resting on our laurels. The analysis also highlights areas we can work on and we will be taking a close look at these suggestions. We’re committed to making LeasePlan a great place to work – now and in the future.”


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