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Lifting the lockdown – webinar series


Lifting the lockdown webinar series

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Upcoming Webinars

Webinar 4: Time for a new Fleet Strategy?

Date: Thursday 23rd July 11am (GMT)

Many organisations will be under pressure to review their fleet strategy after the crisis. Our Consultancy Team examine the most sustainable and efficient way to do this.

  • Moving to a whole-life-cost policy
  • Managing the new wave of grey fleet
  • Future mobility challenges

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Webinar 5: Covid-19 how to keep your drivers safe, and fleets protected.

Many essential fleets responded to the pandemic by rapidly mobilising new drivers. Our Fleet Risk expert looks at options for ensuring these drivers are compliant – and that all your drivers are kept safe.

  • A look at the physical and mental impact of stress on drivers.
  • An examination of driver behaviour during the crisis and possible long-term impacts.
  • Driver training and compliance.

Webinar 6: Will the crisis accelerate the drive for a more sustainable future?

As companies and organisations slowly emerge from lockdown and lease contracts come up for renewal, fleet managers are recognising the opportunity to support corporate sustainability targets. We look at ways to accelerate the drive towards a fully electric fleet.

  • Charging options
  • Drivers, vehicles
  • Adjustments to fleet policy
  • Communication methods



Webinar 1 : Where we’ve been and where we’re going 

Date: Monday 8th June 2020 10am

Speakers: Mike Belcher, Corporate Sales Director, LeasePlan UK and Jessica Chapman, Strategic Partnerships Director.
Mike and Jess discuss the effects of the lockdown on fleets and looks at the lessons that LeasePlan has learned from its entities across the globe.

  • Covid-19 impact on the automotive industry in Europe
  • UK fleet industry impact
  • Effect of lockdown on UK fleets
  • Exit strategies across Europe

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Webinar 2: Getting to grips with vehicle fleets in the ‘new normal’

Date: Thursday 25th June 2020 11am

Speakers: Neil Dixon, Head of RMT LeasePlan and Martin Phillips, Managing Director, i247 Group

The lockdown may be lifting, but we will still have to get used to a ‘new normal’, as social distancing measures are set to remain in place for some time. Our webinar looks at what this might look like for drivers, with examples from auto industry suppliers on what to expect.

  • Servicing booking,repair and maintenance
  • Changes to driver journey
  • Long-term impact to fleet management

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Webinar 3: WLTP, BIK, PiCG have you missed an acronym?

Date: Thursday 9th July 11am (GMT)

Speakers: Matthew Walters, Head of Consultancy Services LeasePlan UK and Caroline Sandall Specialist Fleet Consultant.

While the world has understandably been focused on the pandemic, a lot of other things have happened for fleets over the past few months. Our webinar from our Consultancy Team will help shine a light on what you might have missed.

  • New rates of BIK tax
  • How WLTP affects fleet costs
  • Changes to the Plug in Car Grant (PiCG)
  • Capital Allowances changes

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Time for a new Fleet Strategy?

Many organisations will be under pressure to review their fleet strategy after the crisis. Our Consultancy Team examine the most sustainable and efficient way to do this.

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