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[Whitepaper] Changes to emission test procedures

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Cars have changed a lot since the 1980s, so it makes sense that emissions testing changes too. In 2017, new laws were introduced to ensure vehicles are subject to a more realistic testing procedure, called WLTP – short for “worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure”.

Specifically, the WLTP test is aligned with today’s more dynamic driving style – including more frequent acceleration and deceleration moments – as well as taking into account the rolling resistance of tyres.

Our new white paper outlines what’s next in emission testing, and how the new legislation will impact fleet management in areas such as car policy, reporting CO2 emissions and vehicle taxation.

Whitepaper Series

Today’s white paper is the latest in LeasePlan’s sustainable fleet series.

Our commitment

LeasePlan is committed to achieving net zero emissions from its total fleet by 2030, supporting the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement and climate-related Sustainable Development Goals.

Key elements in our sustainability strategy include educating customers on what’s next in low-emission vehicles; facilitating the uptake of low-emission vehicles with attractive customer propositions developed by the LeasePlan Electric Vehicle Experience Centre; leading the development of a sophisticated second-hand car market of well-maintained, high-quality lease vehicles; and transitioning LeasePlan’s own employee fleet to an electric vehicle fleet by 2021.

LeasePlan is also a founding partner of EV100, a new global business initiative designed to fast-track the uptake of electric vehicles and infrastructure, launched by The Climate Group around the UN General Assembly in September.



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