How your fleet can help eliminate transport emissions


World governments have set the overarching goal: net zero global greenhouse gas emissions in the second half of this century – a target enshrined in the Paris Agreement two years ago. And the UK Government has set a goal of its own: to cut transport emissions by around 97% by 2050, including making almost every car and van on our roads zero-emission.

For now, there’s not a great deal of detail on how the Government intends to reach that goal, beyond banning all sales of new conventional petrol and diesel cars by 2040. More policies are due to be unveiled in early March 2018, in a ‘Pathway to Zero Emission Road Transport’ strategy document.

Steps fleets can take

However, there are steps that fleets can take now to significantly cut their emissions and contribute to those zero emission targets. This may seem like a daunting task, but real improvements are possible. Working with a range of fleets, LeasePlan has found that carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by as much as 40% in just four years.

New White paper series 

Our new white paper series sets out how this can be achieved, and covers every aspect of sustainable mobility, offering practical advice to fleet managers on how to prepare for what’s next.

Future legislation

Of course, helping to preserve the future of our planet is a noble and worthwhile goal in itself. But making your fleet greener isn’t just about altruistic environmentalism. With Clean Air Zones on their way, London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone coming into force in 2019 and tax rises for diesels announced in the Autumn Budget, organisations simply cannot afford to ignore cleaner alternatives. And for most fleets, that means electric vehicles.

Our commitment

LeasePlan is already setting an example. We have committed to reducing our own fleet’s net emissions to zero by 2030, and are a founding partner of EV100 – a new global initiative to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles.










Towards Zero Emissions Event
Towards Zero Emissions Event 24.01.17

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