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The need for charging points: An open letter to the EU

Ahead of the United Nations (UN) Climate Action Summit in New York, the CEOs of LeasePlan, We Mean Business and Arcadis wrote an open letter to the EU leadership that highlights the importance of investment in public charging infrastructure. Given the significance of this topic and the nature of the communication, we are providing the full text of the letter here.

Dear President-elect von der Leyen, Commissioner-elect Timmermans,

One of the simplest ways we can tackle climate change and improve air quality in Europe is to make the switch to zero-emission mobility. 21% of carbon dioxide emissions in the EU come from road transportation, while particulate matter from internal combustion engine vehicles are a significant source of urban air pollution.

Switching to zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs) would eliminate both of these climate contaminants from our roads. But realizing the positive potential of EVs for towns and cities across the EU requires urgent investment. By the European Commissions’ own estimates, some 11 million EVs could be driving on European roads by 2025. Europe will need at least 1 million new EV public charging stations by then in order to give every citizen the “right-to-charge”.

As LeasePlan’s new charging index clearly shows, Europe is falling well short of delivering on this demand, with only 240,000 public charging stations currently available. The lack of sufficient charging infrastructure in Europe is already holding back demand for EVs and is in serious danger of undermining the EU’s leadership in zero-emission mobility.

The European Commission must step up and act now on citizen demand for zero-emission mobility by investing in a comprehensive pan-European charging infrastructure as part of the upcoming Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Directive (AFID) discussions. A successful framework for action can already be found in the EU’s own WiFi4EU initiative. With a similar, innovative funding model, municipal authorities could easily access support for local public charging infrastructure where it is most needed.

Only through such coordinated, decisive and timely investment in a comprehensive public charging infrastructure will Europe be able to deliver on its climate change commitments and continue to lead the zero-emission mobility revolution.

We urge you to act.

Tex Gunning CEO, LeasePlan                    

Nigel Topping CEO, We Mean Business            

Alan Brookes, Group Executive Europe, Middle East, UK              


EV Charging Index

Download the full LeasePlan EV Charging Index here. The Index assesses EV and charging infrastructure demand and highlights the infrastructure gaps that need to be addressed

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