Telematics : Global Research

A recent global LeasePlan survey reveals that telematics could lead to improved driver safety, more sustainable driving and better cost-efficiency

38% of drivers stated that telematics would change their behaviour. Of this figure:
• 14% stated that they would drive more cautiously
• 7% stated that they would drive more slowly
• 17% said that they would pay more attention to fuel consumption

New research by LeasePlan reveals that the use of in-vehicle telematics could significantly alter and improve driver behaviour.

LeasePlan’s Global MobilityMonitor survey, conducted on 3,777 lease vehicle drivers, reveals that in-vehicle telematics would positively affect driver safety, leading to fewer accident claims. The presence of the technology in a vehicle also makes a difference to how some drivers behave behind the wheel, with 14% of drivers stating that they would drive more cautiously if a telematics device is installed.

The research also reveals that telematics has the potential to encourage a considerable reduction in fuel consumption and – as a result – CO2 emissions. Almost one in five (17%) of those questioned stated that they would probably pay more attention to fuel consumption if the technology was present in the vehicle.

A pilot project by LeasePlan Italy echoes these findings, and confirms that telematics technology enables risk management, improves driver safety and delivers cost savings. Compared to 2013, the accident claim frequency of a fleet of 16,000 vehicles (12,800 LCV 3,200 cars) equipped with telematics devices decreased by almost one third in 2015. The recovery rate of stolen vehicles also increased substantially, from 14% to 86%.

However, drivers still need to be reassured about the devices. Currently 55% of the drivers surveyed said they would feel comfortable having a telematics device installed in their car. Companies must now therefore work with leasing providers and their employees to ensure the benefits of telematics are effectively communicated, to boost acceptance in the long term.

Matt Dyer, Managing Director at LeasePlan UK, said: “As this survey reveals, the use of telematics can significantly improve driver behaviour, but the benefits to drivers must be effectively communicated to promote uptake. Telematics solutions not only support fleet managers in improving the performance of their fleet in terms of cost control, safety and sustainability, but it also helps to reduce their emissions too.

”Following the launch of our telematics product in 2013, we have been able to combine data captured by in-vehicle technology with fleet management expertise to give organisations a comprehensive overview of their fleet performance. At the same time, LeasePlan Telematics has also enabled fleet managers to provide an even better level of service to individual drivers, especially in the area of vehicle off road management and driver safety.”

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