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Collaboration is key to tackling mobility challenges

Collaboration is the key to tackle mobility challenges of the present, and in the future

LeasePlan N.V., the world’s largest leasing company, has asked drivers around the world for their insights into mobility. The company that traditionally has connected drivers with driving solutions is also connecting mobility solutions to a multitude of other stakeholders including cities, companies and other transport providers to tackle future urban mobility challenges.

As part of its mobility strategy, LeasePlan is focused on collecting and considering critical feedback from its global customer base. Drivers were asked why they choose to move around the way they do, and how they envision mobility in the future.

LeasePlan’s Nick Salkeld, Chief Commercial Officer, said:

“We expect to see a continued demand for cars over the next decade. This will be spurred on by population and job growth, innovation and technology that will make cars safer, greener and more cost-effective, and new types of individual-focused solutions that will make cars easier to access than ever before.”

Research indicates there are about 1.2 billion cars now and two billion cars by 2035. When in the context of the world’s population, currently estimated at 7.4 billion, a serious challenge lies ahead. A driver-centric approach, opposed to a vehicle-centric approach, is needed to make sure public awareness increases.

Mr Salkeld continued,

“Will we really need two billion cars by 2035? Hopefully a driver-centric approach will enable better utilisation of vehicles, and a focus on individuals will provide better commutes for drivers, companies, cities and more.”


Read more on LeasePlan’s Mobility Strategy and views here:  insights.leaseplan.co.uk/mobility




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