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The future of connected vehicles

A revolution is occurring on our roads that will make vehicles more efficient, more reliable and safer than they have been before. This is the revolution of data.

Little black box

Some of these changes are apparent already. Fleets have been installing telematics systems in their vehicles for years now, and benefitting from the data that they provide. Initially, these systems might have revealed a driver’s location on a map, but their capabilities have expanded far beyond that. Nowadays, they can provide information on everything from the health of the vehicle’s engine to how hard the driver is on its brakes.

Unlocking data

This data will help businesses to save money. For example, by identifying peaks and dips in fuel efficiency, fleet operators will be able to plan more economical routes for their vehicles. Real-time data from sensors could help to identify mechanical problems before they turn serious, therefore reducing maintenance costs and downtime.  In fact a recent BVRLA Survey revealed 95% of respondents would be happy to share connected vehicle data if it meant that it could prevent vehicle faults.

Driver safety

But it’s not just about saving money. Data will save something that’s far more important – lives. The technology has the potential to determine, for instance, whether a driver is distracted or tired, their heart rate, and, ultimately, whether they are in a healthy condition to drive. With collision avoidance, journey time and fatigue monitoring, drivers will never need to be put at risk because their employer didn’t know better.

Internet of things

And that’s before we consider the safety benefits of having more and more connected vehicles on the roads. It’s now estimated that one-in-five vehicles will have some sort of wireless connection by 2020, adding up to over a quarter of a billion vehicles around the world. Increasingly, these vehicles will be part of the ‘internet of things’- communicating with each other and with the road systems around them. By doing so, they’ll be able to prevent accidents before they happen, improving the safety of all road users.

Taking you to what’s next

This is an exciting time for businesses operating fleets, but also for fleet providers such as LeasePlan. It’s our job to explain the challenges, suitability and the real benefits of the technologies available–  after all, company cars and business critical vehicles are a crucial component of our economy. Who wouldn’t want to make them work even better?

Discover more about Connected Vehicles

You can take advantage of LeasePlan’s expert knowledge to help you understand the benefits that latest technology could bring to your fleet.

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