White paper: The success factors for international fleet management

Centralising your fleet can cut complexity and enhance expertise – and the benefits are even greater when you operate in several countries.

A global partner should also have local knowledge, so they can help you see the big picture and the fine detail, plus they can potentially simplify your administration, reduce your downtime, support your in-house specialists and find cost savings.

There’s a lot to like, but also many things to think about before you can get started. Our whitepaper is designed to help you address the key questions and explore the best practices for centralising an international fleet. This includes:

  • The benefits of an international fleet management programme
  • How to build a business case
  • Identifying the stakeholders on a fleet centralisation process
  • Evaluating how long it can take to centralise a fleet

Any questions?

Our team of experts would welcome the opportunity to review your international fleet management requirements and offer guidance. Please contact us at newbusiness@leaseplan.co.uk. We’d be happy to help.

Download the Success Factor of International Fleet Management white paper

Address the key questions and explore the best practices for centralising an international fleet:

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Download the white paper

Download ‘The Success Factor of International Fleet Management’ white paper.

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