Adding value is more than just talk

In the current economy, cost is a major consideration for most organisations. As budgets tighten and tax incentives decline, many companies and organisations are looking for savings through their fleet policy.

Value Statements

Our response? It seems simple but we reward our people for saving customers money. And because adding value should be more than just talk, our account management team prove it with customer-specific ‘value statements’ produced annually.

Value statements are highly visual reports that benchmark a customers’ fleet against industry equivalents and monetise the value we add. The output is a solid plan aligned to the specific goals of the customer and agreed with LeasePlan for the coming year.


In a review of over 130,000 vehicles, we identified opportunities for our customers to save over £50m – £390 per vehicle – by making key changes to the running of their fleet.


Our research shows that organisations could achieve the greatest savings (39%) by improving technical support, such as automating vehicle servicing arrangements and specifying a partner garage for repairs.

Finding the right funding approach for a fleet can also deliver significant savings (27%).

A further 20% of savings is typically achieved by changing policy on replacement vehicle types, and reducing off-road time through improved accident management.

And optimising tax efficiency, for example, through removing free private fuel, accounted for a further 12% of possible savings.


Optimising a fleet depends on a wide range of factors: the type of organisation, the vehicles involved, and the nature of usage. So while construction companies typically benefited from better technical support savings, tax efficiency was the key issue for the retail sector.

Of course, the key to getting the most of your fleet budget and unlocking savings is having the right people with the right expertise around you. They should share your goals, have a mechanism to drive out unnecessary cost and be motivated and rewarded for doing so.

That’s why we believe it’s the people at LeasePlan that make the real difference to our customers. Because we know it’s their expertise that adds the value that matters most to them.

What can we do for you today?

Ultimately, the route to optimising your fleet depends on your organisation, fleet size and how you use your vehicles. At LeasePlan we have a team of experts ready to set you on the path to improved efficiency and serious savings – as well as being on hand to offer support every step of the way.

If you’re interested in saving money with LeasePlan, get in touch with our team today. Simply call us on 0344 4935810 or fill out our online form.

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