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How the automotive industry is making a difference

While much of the burden of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic is falling on the NHS, it’s great to see companies in our own industry are also working hard to make a difference.

We’ve picked out our collection of all the best stories for this round-up – and hope to have more to tell you about soon. After all, in these tough times, we all need a little good news.

  • Automobile Association (AA) has offered free breakdown and recovery to NHS Staff and 200 patrols are working with Ambulance Services across the country to help keep them mobile.
  • Cumberland Platforms (CPL) has moved from cherrypickers to 3D printing parts for NHS face shields. It has also developed a quick-assembly van partition to screen drivers from passengers and a handwash kit that makes it easier for workers to wash their hands regularly.
  • Ford has provided 200 demonstrator vehicles to healthcare providers including Ambulance Services, NHS Trusts and Care Homes.
  • Isuzu has donated three D-Max pick-up trucks to support the conversion of the NEC in Birmingham into an NHS Nightingale Hospital. The company is also making its fleet and demonstrator vehicles available for free to help the delivery of food and medicine to people in need.
  • Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has deployed more than 160 vehicles to support the Red Cross in the delivery of food and medicine to vulnerable people across the UK. The company has also offered its research and development facilities to the UK Government.
  • VW has one of its mobile service teams permanently on call to support a courier company in the UK, so they can continue to make essential deliveries to those in need.
  • Vauxhall has moved a team of specialists from its production line in Luton to a nearby medical facility, so they can help make ventilators for the NHS. They’ll be involved in quality testing and will be working there until the end of July.

Companies are making a difference in other countries as well. For example:

  • VW group have donated 1 million to refugees o support. In the US is working with a fabric supplier to make surgical masks and gowns.
  • General Motors has a thousand members of staff from its shut down plant in Indiana working on manufacturing parts for ventilators. They will also start making surgical masks at another closed factory in Michigan, with the aim of producing 50,000 a day within two weeks – and eventually reaching 100,000 a day.
  • Ford has been helping General Electric manufacture ventilators in the US and has recently announced it will make a simplified model for the company, which does not require electricity. Their aim is to make 50,000 machines within 100 days – and 30,000 a month after that.
  • Tesla is talking about making ventilators too and is also reported as buying over 1,200 from China that they then shipped to California. In addition, the company is donating surgical equipment, including 50,000 masks in Seattle.

We’ve also been doing what we can across LeasePlan from donating vans to the emergency services in Spain and France, to distributing meals to those in need in the Czech Republic and providing vehicles to deliver medicines and supplies in Sweden and Portugal. But we won’t stop there.

If you’ve heard of any other companies, or people, in our industry who are making a difference, please let us know on Twitter @LeasePlanUK or by emailing us at marketing@leaseplan.co.uk. We’d love to share as many of these stories as we can.





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