Salary Sacrifice for Cars


Salary Sacrifice allows employees to give up a portion of their salary in return for an employer-provided benefit, such as childcare vouchers or a company car. It has become increasingly popular in recent years and is an integral part of many flexible benefits packages offered by employers.

Advantages of salary sacrifice

Employee benefits such as childcare vouchers and Cycle to Work schemes give employees much greater spending power. And, with a salary sacrifice for car scheme, it gets even better.

Employees can benefit from manufacturer discounts that they wouldn’t be able to access individually, and company car schemes will also throw in insurance, servicing, maintenance and breakdown cover as part of the package.

Introducing SalaryPlan from LeasePlan

SalaryPlan is a company car scheme that can save both employees and employers time, money and inconvenience.

Ordinarily, employees who aren’t entitled to a company car might be expected to pay for their own car, plus whatever service charges and unexpected repairs might come their way.

But with LeasePlan’s SalaryPlan, one fixed fee is enough to give you the car you want, with service charges and repairs taken care of.

Benefits of a salary sacrifice car scheme for employers

It’s a great deal for employees – and the employer gets a lot out of the salary sacrifice car scheme too.  The benefits include:

Lower ‘grey fleet’ risks

The more employees that choose to take up a company car, more assurances that employers have that their vehicle is fit for use for using on on  business purposes.

Improved staff recruitment and retention

More than 40% of company managers recognise[1] the value in attracting and keeping top talent by offering a salary sacrifice car scheme.

Lower carbon footprint

Salary sacrifice cars are generally newer and greener than the ones they replace. There are also particular tax incentives for employees to choose ultra-low emission models. And, by keeping a closer eye on the miles that employees on the scheme are clocking up, you can encourage greener driving styles that reduce your company’s carbon footprint even further.

A happier, more productive workforce

Employees’ loyalty and happiness within their firms are significantly improved when they feel valued. Offering them a car through salary sacrifice is a good way to boost morale and productivity.

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A salary sacrifice for car scheme is relatively easy to set up and run – and our Salary Sacrifice for car scheme experts are ready and waiting to help.


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