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How to tell your employees about a new benefit

Employee benefits – such as company cars and salary sacrifice for car schemes – are a great way to attract, retain and motivate your staff. But offering these benefits is only worthwhile if your employees understand and appreciate the rewards that are available.

Good communication is therefore a vital part of any employee benefits scheme. But what does that involve? Here are our top tips for spreading the word about a new benefit…

  1. Crystal clear.

    As with all communications, it’s important to be clear, precise and to-the-point. Make it easy for employees to see how they can be better off thanks to the scheme you’re offering.

  2. Words matter.

    Avoid jargon and other terms that might be off-putting to your employees. For example, ‘salary sacrifice’ can sound unappealing because, well… who wants to sacrifice their salary? Use positive phrases instead.

  3. Multiple methods.

    It’s not just what you say, it’s the way you say it. Different methods work better for different people, so it’s best to communicate in a variety of ways, from leaflets and emails to formal presentations and one-to-one meetings.

  4. Employee advocates.

    It’s human nature: we’re far more receptive to information when it comes from our peers than when it’s handed down from on high. So, enlist employees to act as advocates, telling their colleagues how the scheme has benefited them.

  5. The personal touch.

    Just as the benefit packages you give your employees should be personalised, so should be the ways you communicate them. Always talk to your staff as individuals and focus on their particular priorities and requirements.

  6. ‘Is it right for me?’

    Ultimately, that’s what your employees will want to know. You’ll need to go beyond generalities and abstract examples to show them exactly how the scheme will affect them. Consider setting up an online calculator, for example, and be prepared to answer any specific questions they may have.

You can download a copy of our infographic to print out and keep here.

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