LeasePlan flexible rental

Looking for a more flexible fleet?

Keeping your employees on the move is hugely important to your business – and we understand that. Whether you’re looking for a rental or a flexible lease, we have two options for cars and vans, ranging from one day to 24 months.

Our aim is to give you or your business two options that meet your needs and are hassle-free.

Take a look at the summaries below to see which short-term car rental – which you might also hear as being a short-term lease or long-term car rental – could be for you, and read more information further down.

Which solution is right for me?

For businesses:

  • Daily Rental for Business – a short- term rental solution from one day to three months or more. It’s ideal for businesses who need a vehicle to keep their employees and products on the move anywhere in the UK, using your own fleet insurance policy
  • LeasePlan Flexible for Business – available for three months to two years or more, with the option of keeping the same vehicle for the term. This is long-term rental, it is like a lease but with the flexibility of a rental, using your own fleet insurance

Daily Rental for Business

Our short-term hire offering starts with Daily Rental, made for businesses who hire cars and vans on an ad-hoc or frequent basis. Vehicles can be delivered and collected as well as being able to hire to/from airport locations throughout the UK.

You’ll have access to the UK’s largest rental fleet, giving the most extensive range and availability of cars and vans – from small hatchbacks to premium saloons, MPVs to minibuses, and specialist commercial vehicles.

Key points include:

  • UK delivery, collection and local branch walk-in and return across more than 3,500 sites
  • Airport locations
  • Two-hour grace period at the end of every hire
  • Rental period from one to 84 days or more
  • Reduced rental rates for longer periods
  • Online booking and rental management
  • Integrated invoicing with your standard monthly agreement
  • Light commercial vehicles available with racking, full Chapter 8 visibility markings, refrigeration, and other modifications
  • International rental

Not quite right? We have other short-term hire products for more than three months, too:

  • LeasePlan Flexible – if you require a vehicle for 3 months or more using your own fleet insurance policy

LeasePlan Flexible

We know business is never fully predictable, so this medium- term hire option is for customers who want a car or van for more than three months, but without the commitment of a longer lease.

You can choose the vehicle category, mileage allowance and the length of hire, from three months to two years. However, unlike rental, with this short-term car lease package – available for vans, too – you can keep the same vehicle for the entire hire period.

We select our vehicles with business users in mind, considering image, MPG, CO2 emissions, and Benefit in Kind (BiK), and with guaranteed features on every vehicle.

Key points include:

  • No pre-payment or deposits
  • All cars and most LCVs have Bluetooth, satellite navigation, rear parking sensors and air conditioning
  • All vehicles are owned and managed by LeasePlan
  • You can keep the same vehicle for the entire hire period, saving you P11D admin, and reducing possible damage repair claims
  • We cover minor damage repairs at the end of hire
  • Servicing, repairs, LeasePlan Assist breakdown cover and tyres all included
  • UK delivery – from three working days – and collection
  • No early termination, from 84 days onwards
  • Racking and livery to your requirements

Not quite right? Take a look at:

  • Daily Rental – for businesses hiring a vehicle for under three months, that isn’t available with LeasePlan Flexible or when you need vehicles at short notice and to and from Airport locations

Want to find out more?

If you are interested in Daily Rental or LeasePlan Flexible please speak to your LeasePlan Account Manager – or if you’re new to LeasePlan please contact our team who are on hand to help you select the right vehicle for you.


Download the LeasePlan Flexible Guide here


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