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Fleet Issues – Cost Reduction

Whatever the future holds, one thing will stay the same – there will be pressure to keep costs down.

From our own experience, we understand the challenges that fleet managers face, so we’ve brought together our best ideas for reducing fleet costs.

We hope our tip sheets and case studies help you find savings in your fleet – and not just on fuel costs. If you have any other best-practice ideas, let us know.


The benefits of centralising your international fleetRead the post
LeasePlan International Cityscape

Written by Posted on 13.02.2018

Discover the benefits of international fleet management - and how to ensure that global needs can be met at a local level.

10 ways to capture your fleet mileageRead the post

Written by Posted on 22.10.2017

Even for employees who only use their vehicle for business trips a couple of times a week, mileage collation and recording can seem a daunting task.

LeasePlan’s new Car Cost Index reveals EVs now cost competitive

Written by | Posted on 04.06.2018

New research reveals the UK is the 5th cheapest country in Europe to own an electric vehicle. LeasePlan’s new Car Cost Index shows EVs are now cost competitive in the UK - and Norway's total average cost of owning an electric vehicle is lower than the cost of both petrol and diesel.

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Top 10 cost saving tips for fleets

Top 10 cost saving tips for fleets

Written by | Posted on 21.05.2018

Every year LeasePlan creates tailored Value Statements for our customers – here we’ve brought together our best ideas for reducing fleet costs.

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guide to fleet costs

[Guide] Fleet Costs 101

Written by | Posted on 16.05.2018

Some fleet cost elements can’t be controlled - but other costs can be managed. On our new guide, we look at how you can understand, and then optimise, the genuine cost of your fleet to your business.

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[Case Study] Aviva Fleet Consolidation

Written by | Posted on 16.05.2018

Aviva Fleet Manager Ryan Coles on the advantages of consolidation and the big benefit that stands above the rest - the ability to concentrate on the bigger picture.

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Autumn Statement LeasePlan analysis

Biggest business-critical fleet challenges revealed

Written by | Posted on 19.04.2018

What’s the biggest challenge that your business faces? Every company is different, of course, but we’d guess that in most cases, the answer would have something to do with cost.

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Whitepaper: The success factors for international fleet management

Written by | Posted on 07.03.2018

Our Whitepaper on International Fleet Management looks at some of the key questions companies face and includes some tips and best practices on how to centralise your international fleet:

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How to avoid receiving a parking fine

Written by | Posted on 20.10.2017

With an estimated 3000 parking fines issued every day in UK we've produced a handy infographic on how to avoid getting them in the first place. - and what do you if you do receive one.

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Get going with Leasing

The importance of budgeting and fleet benchmarking

Written by | Posted on 26.09.2017

Get ahead with our new way to analyse costs and compare your fleet performance against other UK fleets. It’s quick and it’s easy.  

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industrial tech

[Case study] ABB Industrial technology business

Written by | Posted on 15.09.2017

LeasePlan worked with a global leader in power and automation technologies to achieve a 5% total cost of ownership saving whilst upgrading their fleet.

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Adding value is more than just talk

Written by | Posted on 08.09.2017

In the current economy, cost is a major consideration for most organisations. As budgets tighten and tax incentives decline, many companies and organisations are looking for savings through their fleet policy.

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international fleet

International fleet: 5 Key Success Factors

Written by | Posted on 18.07.2017

For companies operating a sizeable fleet of vehicles, across multiple countries, now may be right time to explore the benefits that a centralised international fleet policy can bring.

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car cost graph

Whole life costs: Getting the bigger picture

Written by | Posted on 19.06.2017

Whole Life Cost of Fleet. The sum of all the variable costs associated with running a fleet - here we list out the seven factors you need to consider.

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3d coverage

3D Coverage – Insured Vehicle

Written by | Posted on 16.05.2017

As part of our commitment to help reduce fleet costs, from July 2017, we’re offering our customers the opportunity to lease vehicles from LeasePlan which are fully insured.

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car cost graph

Costs of car ownership revealed

Written by | Posted on 06.02.2017

LeasePlan CarCost Index reveals widely divergent total costs of driving a car in Europe, linked primarily to depreciation and taxation.

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Small fleets, big benefits

Written by | Posted on 11.10.2016

Does size matter? When it comes to leasing vehicles, not to the extent you...

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grey fleet puzzle

Full extent of UK’s grey fleet revealed

Written by | Posted on 22.07.2016

EST and BVRLA study reveals true scale of ‘grey fleet’ vehicles with 14m ‘grey fleet’ vehicles older, dirtier & less safe than company cars. Report estimates 15% reduction in grey fleet would take 225,000 cars off the road in pollution terms.

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[Case Study] Collaboration key to Wythenshawe Housing fleet deal

Written by | Posted on 20.06.2016

Market knowledge and strong relationships with suppliers helped to secure Wythenshawe Community Housing Group an excellent deal on its new fleet.

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Motoring tips: Saving fuel and money

Written by | Posted on 06.04.2016

As part of our top tips series, we look at ways in which motorists can stay save fuel and money.

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Fleet Management Transformed: LeasePlan Digital

Written by | Posted on 09.12.2015

The idea behind fleet management is simple. You provide a vehicle and...

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Car on Road Moneybox

The Parties’ new transport policies

Written by | Posted on 30.10.2015

With the political parties back from their trips to the seaside (or Manchester, in...

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Commercial Vehicles: a short video

Written by | Posted on 24.06.2015

Leaseplan_CommercialVehicles Newsflash: commercial vehicles are not the same as cars. So standard fleet plans...

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Parking Meter

Pickles new Parking rules

Written by | Posted on 10.03.2015

Parking, Pickles and who you should really blame for that parking ticket.

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s300 Driverless Car

Driverless cars [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 11.02.2015

Britain is given the green light on testing driverless cars on public roads.

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The Year of Cheap Oil

Written by | Posted on 12.01.2015

Did you feel it? That moment on 7th January when the price of crude oil fell below $50 a barrel for the first time since May 2009

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Fuel costs

The cost of fuel duty cuts

Written by | Posted on 17.09.2014

The current Govermment has cut or frozen fuel duty to such an extent that it's 20% lower than planned at the last election. All of this is good news for motorists, right? Well, yes – on paper..

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coffee cups

Latté, espresso, flat-white, 4-star?

Written by | Posted on 17.07.2014

The University of Bath’s suggestion that coffee might be a substitute for petrol at first glance might seem a little counter-intuitive.

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Big Data v Big Brother

Written by | Posted on 02.07.2014

Big data has potential hazards, theoretical and practical, as well as huge benefits. First, the...

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Car on Road Moneybox

Road pricing’s a hard sell without the carrot

Written by | Posted on 23.06.2014

Last month’s paper by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), The Long Road...

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Potholes on top of potholes

Written by | Posted on 17.04.2014

In last week's Sunday Times there was a suggestion that our pockmarked roads could help raise awareness of climate change. Perhaps there’s a reason why Chancellor George Osborne isn’t rushing to fill them all in, after all.

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Taking green strides with ISO14001

Written by | Posted on 18.03.2014

We all say we care about the environment. But it’s what we do...

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crack in road

Watch out for the potholes, George

Written by | Posted on 30.01.2014

Here on the LeasePlan blog, we tend to bridle at the idea that motorists...

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car for sale

Car Sales Apps

Written by | Posted on 09.12.2013

Car salesmen have a problem. Younger customers who have grown up in a digital...

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traffic night

Pay-as-you-drive in Scotland

Written by | Posted on 09.12.2013

The think-tank Reform Scotland has just produced a paper arguing that the country should...

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The Sharing Economy

Written by | Posted on 06.11.2013

Shared use of some resources – particularly expensive items – has a long history...

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Rural Fuel Subsidy

Written by | Posted on 31.10.2013

They’ll be singing and dancing in the streets of Hawes, north Yorkshire, Kirkby-in-Furness in...

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woman holding phone

Fuel apps

Written by | Posted on 21.08.2013

Car manufacturers offer plenty of optional upgrades – heated leather seats, high-spec audio systems,...

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fuel pump

Tim Farron MP; fuel subsidy

Written by | Posted on 19.08.2013

Tim Farron, the MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, also happens to be President of...

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hand on car

New Car Sales

Written by | Posted on 18.07.2013

For most households, a new car is (after the house itself) the single most...

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electric car

Thanks to EV’s, Mr Clegg’s paying

Written by | Posted on 01.06.2013

Would you like to drive an electric car? The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg...

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Foreign Cars on UK roads

Written by | Posted on 22.05.2013

A friend of mine recently received a parking ticket in Ghent, despite the fact...

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fuel pump

Robert Halfon MP Campaign for cheaper fuel [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 22.05.2013

Robert Halfon MP : Why I have campaigned for cheaper petrol and diesel  Right...

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cars parked randomly

Parking: Be careful what you wish for

Written by | Posted on 22.05.2013

If you think the cost of driving is ridiculously high, just bear in mind...

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Woman holds tyre

1:5 mechanial failures down to potholes

Written by | Posted on 14.05.2013

Unless you enjoy exploring them with a lamp on your helmet – what Americans...

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