Getting your LeasePlan chargepoint

LeasePlan offers a range of home charging points to suit different driver and fleet needs. Find out how to get your house EV-ready with our step-by-step guide.   

How to get your LeasePlan Home Charging Point

Installing a dedicated chargepoint is an important first step in your electric vehicle journey, providing a safer, smarter and more convenient way to top up where you park. LeasePlan offers several solutions for customers, all of which can be easily added to a vehicle lease. Available options are outlined below.

BP Pulse
BP Pulse Premium
Home Smart
Advanced Plus
Centrica British Gas 
Alfen Eve Pro
Built in displayNoNoNoNoYes
App-based control and monitoring YesYesYesYesYes
Secure access using RFID cardNoNoOptional during setup.Optional during setup.Optional during setup.
Usage reporting for fleet managersNoNoAdded via subscription.Yes. Including automatic reimbursement for home charging.
Yes. Including automatic reimbursement for home charging.
Roaming access to public chargepointsNot included. Drivers sign up for BP Pulse network membership separately.Includes NewMotion card and optional smartphone app.Includes NewMotion card and optional smartphone app.Includes NewMotion card and optional smartphone app.
Optional charge card for public networks.
OptionsTethered cable (5m)Tethered cable (5m/8m)
Coloured case
Tethered cable (5m/8m)
Coloured case
Tethered cable (5m/8m)
Coloured case
Tethered cable (5m)
Cost *
(Coming soon)

(Coming soon)

(Coming soon)

(Coming soon)

(Coming soon)

* Includes standard specification (Type 2 socket, white case), single-phase installation (3.7-7.4kW) and price reduction for OZEV grant. Excludes VAT.

Can I add these chargepoint packages to my electric vehicle lease?

Yes. Charging points can be selected from the ‘accessories’ page when generating a quote, and they are paid for as part of the vehicle lease.

What does ‘including reduction for OZEV grant’ mean?

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is a government office set up to support the transition to electric mobility. It provides grant funding for up to 75% (or up to £350 including VAT) towards charging equipment and installation costs through the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. This is claimed by the installer on your behalf.

A list of eligibility criteria for drivers and vehicles is available here. Households can claim the grant twice if they have two eligible plug-in vehicles [1].

What happens if I do not qualify for the OZEV grant?

Households with off-street parking should still be able to have a chargepoint installed, and our suppliers can advise whether this is possible or not. Drivers who are not eligible for grant funding will be invoiced for the additional £350 directly by the supplier, and this is not included within the lease.

What do the charging packages include?

All LeasePlan charging points are finished in white and feature the standardised ‘Type 2’ socket, compatible with the cable supplied (or available as an option) with the vehicle. The cost includes a wall-mounted installation with up to 15 metres of wiring from the main household fusebox.

Will my home require electrical upgrades?

Suppliers will carry out an assessment of your property to identify additional installation costs. These are quoted directly to you and are not included in the lease cost. However, most households do not require extra work.

What options are available, and how do I choose them?

Any extras are chosen with the supplier and extra costs are paid up front – they are not part of the lease package. LeasePlan has negotiated favourable terms with suppliers, and options are as follows:

BP Pulse

BP Pulse chargepoints can be fitted with a tethered cable instead of a socket, at no additional cost.

BP Pulse
New Motion


NewMotion offers choice of colours for all three chargepoints, and a choice of five or eight-metre tethered cables. These are provided at extra cost.

Centrica Alfen

Centrica’s Alfen Eve Pro unit is available with a five-metre tethered cable, and this costs extra.

Centric Alfen Single Pro Line Tethered

How do I get my home charging point installed?

  1. Add the chargepoint to your vehicle quote – our solutions are listed on the accessories page. The cost is added to the vehicle lease, and LeasePlan will inform the supplier of your order.
  2. The chargepoint supplier will contact you directly to assess installation. BP Pulse and NewMotion have a self-assessment process requiring details of the electrical supply and images of the location which can be submitted online. Centrica carries out the same assessment process via video stream, and an engineer will guide you through the process.
  3. Orders are handed over to the installation team who will identify if any additional work is required. Where necessary, this can be quoted by the supplier or carried out by an electrician of your choice.
  4. The supplier will request permission to install a chargepoint from the distribution network operator – the company responsible for the electricity supply to your house – on your behalf. Once this is complete, they will contact you to arrange an installation date and discuss optional extras.
  5. Installations typically take a couple of hours, and the contractor will demonstrate the chargepoint’s features and help you set up your smartphone app afterwards. Suppliers will then claim OZEV funding on your behalf.
  6. You’re ready to charge your electric vehicle.

What happens if something goes wrong with my charging point?

OZEV requires all grant-funded chargepoints to include a three-year warranty, and NewMotion and Centrica will extend cover for drivers opting for a 48-month lease. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all units include a data connection which enables faults to be diagnosed remotely. In most cases, the charger will only require a reset – a process which takes a couple of minutes – otherwise, an engineer will be dispatched within days, with work covered under warranty.


[1] OZEV (2021). Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme: guidance for customers. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 April 2021].

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