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Turn on, tune in, speed up.

Written by | Posted on 15.08.2014

Traffic Island Discs: Collection 1 Open Road Guitar Solos - Turn on, tune in, speed up.

70’s Car Movies

Written by | Posted on 05.08.2014

If you’ve seen Easy Rider, you’ll remember the great, big KABOOM that ends the movie. It was, when it was first shown...

Giving up the ghost

Written by | Posted on 07.07.2014

Even if you’ve only come across Ghost Rider in those two crazily awful (and awfully crazy) Nic Cage movies, you probably know...

Time to scrap the hairdresser’s car [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 25.06.2014

Feeling envious or threatened by someone else’s motor? Unable to afford it? Resentful of the pleasure and joy it clearly brings them?...

Hitchhikers Guide to… [Guest Blog]

Written by | Posted on 19.06.2014

..Freeloading. When an ambulance rushing to Plymouth General Hospital with a man suffering from a life-threatening blood clot stopped to pick up...

My beloved yellow bird [Guest Blog]

Written by | Posted on 18.06.2014

It was quite a step-up. My first and much-loved petrol-driven vehicle was a Ford 100E van, number-plate WLL 54, painted in household...

Straight Down The Hatch [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 14.05.2014

Peugeot 205 GTi Hot. Hatch. In the world of car porn there is no other conjugation that raises the punter’s pulse more...

Love in the 80’s was the Ford Fiesta XR2 [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 12.05.2014

There was only one car for the thrusting young buck in the 1980s… a Porsche. If, however, you were a thrusting young...

Cars in literature [Guest Post]

Written by | Posted on 07.05.2014

Thanks to the films, James Bond is now chiefly associated with Aston Martins, but, when he made his debut in Casino Royale,...

Reflections of a non-driver [Guest Blog]

Written by | Posted on 07.04.2014

Guest Blog Contributor is Scottish Writer Allan Massie CBE who provides an honest reflection on being a non-driver.