What’s next for LeasePlan?

You may have seen we recently rolled out a new logo. But that’s not all. LeasePlan introduced a new brand promise – and a new attitude to go with it.

At our core, we are still the world’s leading fleet management company with 1.7 million vehicles under our care in more than 30 countries.

Our new brand promise What’s next? combined with our new logo, illustrate a forward motion, a drive toward innovative fleet and mobility management. And, we are as much about the journey as we are the destination.

What’s next for LeasePlan?

To prepare for What’s next, you need to have some foresight into what’s coming down the road.

We’ll promise to provide you with the day-to-day resources you need, such as our annual Funding and Taxation Guide as well as online tools to help benchmark your fleet –and everything else in between.

But it doesn’t end there –  as part of our global vision to lead the future of mobility we’ll explore wider themes such as Sustainability, autonomous vehicles, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and the changes in attitudes to ownership.

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