LeasePlan SwopCar Infiniti

On-demand car sharing collaboration

LeasePlan and Infiniti will provide a state-of-the-art and easy-to-manage booking and driving experience for its customers – known as SwopCar.

The joint service will start in April and will be available to clients in 9 European countries, starting with the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

Simplicity of the self-service and on-demand reservation SwopCar platform

Through the simplicity of the self-service and on-demand reservation SwopCar platform, it is very easy for employees to reserve and drive the Infiniti Q30. The technology behind the service gives eligible employees access to an online reservation platform and smartphone app, so they can check vehicle availability and plan their trip.

The LeasePlan SwopCar service reduces mobility costs and offers fleet managers an accurate and transparent overview of vehicle usage. The usage reporting system provides reports and car insights on CO2 emissions, helping address the growing need for increased corporate sustainability. In addition, it can add to a company’s employee satisfaction.

“As a premium brand we always look for opportunities to meet and exceed potential customers’ expectations. Therefore, an innovative service like SwopCar is the right platform for us to bring our all-new Q30 to progressive and demanding employees. Infiniti will be able to extend its visibility, especially in this business environment. We are looking forward to supporting small and big companies across the continent with Q30 as a perfect match for their employees”

François Goupil de Bouillé, Vice-President of Infiniti Europe, Middle East and Africa

Q30 offered through SwopCar will maximise vehicle utilisation and reduce carbon emissions

“We are happy to announce that together with Infiniti we will enable employees to make a test-drive with the new Infiniti Q30 by using our new car sharing service SwopCar. By allowing a company’s employees to book and share a Q30 with the SwopCar solution, we will maximise its utilisation, reduce fleet carbon emissions and considerably diminish the need for parking spaces. Achieving these positive outcomes would make this a very successful campaign for us and for Infiniti.”

Nick Salkeld, CCO of LeasePlan Corporation

The Infiniti Q30 active compact is a new type of premium vehicle for a new type of consumer and is the ideal car for this ground-breaking lease program. It has been designed to challenge convention with its bold character and daring shape blending coupe-like styling with an elevated yet dynamic stance. While spanning conventional categories for compact cars it makes no compromises in terms of packaging and comfort.



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