LeasePlan and Uber enter into a pan-European partnership

LeasePlan, a leading multinational fleet management and driver mobility company and Uber, a leading ridesharing company, will expand their current cooperation in Portugal, France and the Netherlands to a pan-European level.

The companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding stating that LeasePlan will make available a full operational leasing solution to Uber partner-drivers across Europe. LeasePlan’s Uber proposition consists of a broad package of services, from repairs and maintenance to insurance enabling Uber drivers to focus on their core business.

Rise of ridesharing

Ridesharing allows people across the world to get a ride in a safe, affordable and reliable way. This new development has a major impact on improving mobility worldwide. Uber, active in over 100 cities in Europe, is a driving force behind this trend and has identified LeasePlan as a provider of lease vehicles to drivers who wish to access economic opportunities via the Uber app.

Every week, Uber connects tens of thousands of drivers across Europe with economic opportunities at the touch of a button. But sometimes access to a car can be challenging. With this partnership, we want to ensure drivers are able to get the best deals on the market, and make driving with the Uber app as seamless as possible.

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, Uber’s Head of EMEA

On-demand mobility

The rising popularity of on-demand mobility is leading to significant growth opportunities for LeasePlan. The company is well positioned to become a leading provider of fleet management services to the ride-hailing industry.

Uber’s core business is to connect drivers with passengers through advanced technology, providing cars and keeping them on the road is our expertise, so we’re very well placed to help drivers meet that need.

Tex Gunning, CEO of LeasePlan

In Portugal, hundreds of drivers using the Uber app already lease a LeasePlan vehicle. In France and the Netherlands LeasePlan and Uber have recently started to cooperate. Over the course of 2017, partner-drivers across 23 countries in Europe will also be able to benefit from LeasePlan’s hassle-free mobility solutions.



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