LeasePlan Electric Vehicles Podcast part 2

Is the future of your fleet electric? Part 2 – podcast

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In our second podcast on electric vehicles, we take a look at the structural side of the story: what are public bodies doing to make the UK EV-ready?

Whether people opt for pure electric or plug-in hybrids, there will be a huge need for charging – and there’s also significant demand for the vehicles themselves, so manufacturers need to make sure they have enough stock to meet expectations.

LeasePlan, for example, intends to have its entire fleet of 1.8 million vehicles as net zero emissions by 2030.

LeasePlan’s Head of Consultancy and Customer Data Services, Matt Walters, and Andy Rayner explore a range of related topics, including:

  • National Grid impact
  • Vehicle to Grid technology,
  • Vehicle options and availability
  • Manufacturers’ role
  • Grants

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Latest podcast topics include;

  • WLTP and RDE 2 emissions regulation
  • Electric vehicles
  • Clean Air Zones (CAZs)
  • Driver safety and risk
  • Connected Car
  • The future of the company car
  • Repair, maintenance and tyre

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