Clean Air Zones coming in 2022/23

LeasePlan’s Head of Consultancy Matt Walters and Specialist Fleet Consultant Caroline Sandall-Mansergh explore the challenges facing fleets in 2022 – from semiconductor shortages and long lead times on new vehicles to rising fuel and energy prices – and suggests some ways that organisations can help keep their drivers moving.

In this episode Matt and Caroline explore these questions and more;

  • What are clean air zones?
  • Why have they come about?
  • Which vehicles will be affected?
  • What has London’s example (ULEZ) taught us?
  • Where else have they been introduced and will they be introduced?
  • What does this mean for fleets?

You can listen to the podcast on our site or through Apple Podcasts, Spotify or any other podcasting app. Just search for ‘LeasePlan Podcast’ or ask Siri or Alexa to “Play the LeasePlan podcast”.

Matthew Walters

Matthew Walters

Matthew Walters is Head of Consultancy Services and Customer Value at LeasePlan UK, and has been with LeasePlan for over 14 years.

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