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How the new lease accounting standards will impact fleets

Early this year the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) published a new standard for lease accounting (“IFRS 16 Leases”). The new standard will impact how international fleets are accounted for under IFRS.

Although it will take until 1 January 2019 for these rules to become effective, some companies will need to adjust their reporting for (operational) leases by the end of 2017.

In order to inform you of the upcoming changes in lease accounting and the impact on IFRS reporting for fleets, LeasePlan’s webinar is designed to answer the most important questions on this topic:

  • What changes in IFRS have been made and why?
  • How will these changes impact you and your fleet?
  • What can you do to begin to prepare for the changes?

This webinar is especially intended for fleet managers and provides a high level overview of the upcoming changes and does not require any previous experience with Lease Accounting.

About the speakers:

Jef van Oosterbos
Finance Director, LeasePlan International

Jef van Oosterbos is Finance Director of LeasePlan International, the dedicated entity within LeasePlan which manages the relationships with global accounts.  Jef has been with LeasePlan for 15 years and has worked in various roles within the corporate centre and country operations.

Jay Tahtah
Partner, PwC’s Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services Group

Jay Tahtah is a Partner in PwC. He is a leasing expert and advises international clients on complex accounting matters under IFRS and US GAAP. He is an associated member of the Dutch leasing association (NVL) and is a frequent speaker on IFRS and leasing at (inter)national conferences

Watch the Lease Accounting Standard webinar here

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Matthew Walters

Matthew Walters

Matthew Walters is Head of Consultancy Services and Customer Value at LeasePlan UK, and has been with LeasePlan for over 14 years.

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