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White paper: Sustainable alternatives to diesel

Diesel-powered vehicles have long been the preferred choice for many car owners and drivers, but what are the more sustainable alternatives?

The latest in LeasePlan’s series of white papers explores what’s next for diesel and whether fleet managers should introduce different powertrains to their fleets.

Benefits of alternative fuels

Specifically, the paper outlines the surprising benefits that electric, LNG-powered and plug-in hybrid vehicles can deliver to fleets, especially when the total cost of ownership is taken into account.

Making the switch

As a founding partner of the EV100, LeasePlan is committed to educating and facilitating customers as they make the switch to low-emission vehicles. Today’s white paper follows the release of Electric light commercial vehicles es, which outlines the operational and business advantages for businesses integrating electric light commercial vehicles (e-LCVs) to their fleets, as well as how fleet managers can achieve this in practice.

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Discover what’s next for diesel and the possible alternatives:

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Discover what’s next for diesel and the possible alternatives.

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