Start Electric 2019: The future starts here



We believe electric vehicles are the future – and we want to encourage people to join in as soon as they can. Our goal is net zero emissions from our entire fleet by 2030, but the sooner we can get there, the better.

At our Start Electric event, we made the compelling case for leaving petrol and diesel behind. With a host of top-quality speakers, we explored:

  • The way that electric cars are already cost-competitive in the UK – and are likely to become more and more attractive, as fuel prices and fuel taxation both rise.
  • How the convergence of vehicles, technology and data will give companies much more visibility of their fleets – and the ability to control financial and environmental costs more closely.
  • The changes that companies may need to make in order to bring electric vehicles into their fleets – from planning for battery wear and range-maximising routes to driver training
  • What Tesla is doing with its batteries and vehicles, plus its vision for their fleet products

We also had a lively panel discussion led by noted futurologist Dr James Bellini, which covered everything from technological developments to range anxiety and influencing drivers.

The conclusion was clear. Together, we can make a difference if we all Start Electric.



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