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Is the sun shining on new energy sources?


With the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) already well known, our latest whitepaper explores the future of mobility. We focus on two key developments that could help fleets take the next big step towards a zero-emission future.


The first of these developments is solar power. That may not feel like a new idea – you can see solar panels on many houses after all – but making it work in a vehicle is a much bigger step.

We look at new technology from a Dutch manufacturer, Lightyear. They have a fully electric vehicle with integrated solar panels that charge it at a rate of 12km per hour, so it can do the average European commute after two hours of sunshine.

It’s not cheap (at a starting price of €150,00), but it is scheduled to be available this year – and a glance at the history of EVs shows how quickly technology can progress when there is interest in it.


The second development is, arguably, even more significant. Hydrogen vehicles are still electric, as they are driven by a battery, but that battery is charged by the combustion of hydrogen within vehicle’s fuel cell – and the only emissions are pure water.

The technology is not as efficient as an EV, as it takes some power to turn hydrogen into energy, but its other benefits may compensate for certain vehicle types.

In particular, refuelling is significantly faster, so it could be an attractive option for long-distance car drivers and heavy freight vehicles that would struggle to operate on battery charging alone.

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You can find out more about these energy sources in our new white paper which you can download here

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss the implications of these developments, or the challenges and opportunities offered by Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) in general, please get in touch with a member of our experienced team here.


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The future of solar-powered and hydrogen-powered mobility.

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