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Tempted to go electric? Try before you buy with LeasePlan Flexible

Traditionally fuelled vans are double trouble for cities. Not only are there concerns about CO2 emissions affecting the environment as a whole, other gases and particulates from these vehicles directly affect air quality.

This has health implications for everyone who lives nearby, particularly those who are most vulnerable, such as children and people with health conditions.

Challenge 1: The business cost of Clean Air Zones

As a result, Clean Air Zones are on the rise, with London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone set to be the first of many. This means that some older vehicles are about to get significantly more expensive to keep on the road. In London, for example, you’re looking at £24 a day for the combined ULEZ and congestion charge.

Challenge 2: Building your business case

Businesses recognise that eLCVs will be the answer – at some point in the future. It’s difficult to argue with paying £0 a day in London instead of £24, after all. And there are more vehicles to choose from, with driving range and prices both becoming more attractive.

But it’s hard to build a business case to act right now on something that will still be a significant investment – and, for the moment, is less flexible than a traditionally fuelled van.

The LeasePlan solution

We have a solution. With LeasePlan Flexible, you can test an eLCV, or several, in your fleet. This means you can make sure it works with your specific business requirements and you’ll have the opportunity to evaluate the benefits for yourself.

There’s no commitment after three months and if you’re going into London regularly or other low-emissions zones the net cost could be a lot less than you expect. Particularly as they’re cheaper to fuel as well.

We’ll also fit the vehicles with the latest telematics equipment, so you can get detailed information about their use – helping you build a business case for making the move to electric.

Tempted to go electric?

To find out more about the vehicles on offer please email – or to learn more about how LeasePlan can help your organisation to Start Electric please get in touch by filling in our online form or call us on 0344 493 5810.

Download the LeasePlan Flexible Guide to eLCVs

LeasePlan Flexible eLCV
LeasePlan Flexible eLCV

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