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Time to take stock: Our FAQ about stock vehicles


With factory-order vehicles currently quite hard to get hold of – thanks to a raft of challenges from semi-conductor shortages to the war in Ukraine – it could pay to know about the alternative of ordering stock vehicles. Here’s our quick FAQ.

What is a stock vehicle?

A stock vehicle is one that has already rolled off the production line, so it’s not built to your own unique specifications. However, this doesn’t mean that the vehicle is ready and waiting ‘in stock’ somewhere in the UK. It might be a little further back in the supply chain – potentially even in a warehouse in the country where it was made.

What are the advantages of a stock vehicle?

In normal circumstances, the main advantage of a stock vehicle is that it can be supplied a lot more quickly. If it isn’t here already, it’s likely on the way. Right now, an even bigger advantage is that you can be a lot more confident you will get your vehicle in a useful timeframe, as it’s not just a line on a factory spreadsheet somewhere waiting for a slot to be built.

What are the drawbacks of a stock vehicle?

The main drawback is the obvious one. It’s not a bespoke vehicle. Instead, it has been ordered to a standard specification  (though, of course, if there are a range of stock vehicles to choose from across a range of manufacturers so you may still be able to get very close to your requirements). On top of that, stock vehicles are very popular with the current supply constraints, so you need to place your order soon after quoting to secure a vehicle.

How do I know if something is a stock vehicle?

We will always make sure to tell you if a vehicle quoted is a stock vehicle, as we will need you to agree to its specifications.

Where can I find a list of all the stock vehicles you currently offer?

The number of stock vehicles we have available varies from week to week and are available on our website.

Do you ever do special offers on your stock vehicles?

We buy large batches of stock to secure best price and delivery.

What are your average turnaround times with stock vehicles?

If we have a stock vehicle in the UK, we can often deliver within 14 days, subject to credit checks and approvals.


To find out more about stock vehicles and offers, please speak to a member of the LeasePlan Account Management Team. 

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