[Presentation] 360 view of fleet risk management

eBook: 8 Levers of Fleet Optimisation eBook

Are you seeing the full picture with your approach to risk management?

Getting a 360° perspective can transform the way you manage your fleet. We explore how this works and what LeasePlan can do to help in our latest Fleet Risk Management Presentation which you can download below.

In the presentation you’ll discover how to:

• Safeguard your drivers
• Control your fleet more effectively
• Limit insurance bills
• Cut the costs associated with accidents
• Streamline administration
• Reduce the overall level of incidents

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If you would like to explore LeasePlan’s approach to Fleet Risk in more detail,  please get in touch with your LeasePlan Account Manager – or speak to a member of our New Business Team on 01753 802448 or email newbusiness@leaseplan.co.uk – we’re always happy to hear from you.



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