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Keep your eyes on the road

Despite the ban on driving whilst holding a mobile phone, how often do you see a driver either making a call or worse write or reading a text? With so many phones, sat navs, tablets, even Google watches, these are all added distractions to any driver who really should be looking at the road ahead.

An alarming increase in the number of accidents that are ultimately down to drivers not paying attention still does not seem to get the message through to drivers. However, in view of the potential penalty for a company who does not prevent the driver from such action (even if they have been told not to use phones etc), now telematic technology is available to disable the phone from being used when the vehicle is being driven.

Eyes-Up uses telemetry to disable a mobile from receiving or making calls, taking messages etc when it detects that the vehicle is moving. Once a driver pulls over, the phone can be live again within a few seconds. There is a ‘passenger’ mode option so that the phone can be used by a passenger, however this automatically forwards a report to the Fleet Manager to deter drivers from simply selecting that option each time.

A relatively simple solution to a potentially very expensive problem.

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Paul Kirby

Paul Kirby

Paul has over 15 years’ experience with LCVs working for manufacturers and as an operator. He has been with LeasePlan UK since 2014, with responsibility for supporting Commercial Vehicle customers and developing our Business Critical Fleet proposition.

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