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What’s next for you with LeasePlan



Helping you plan ahead

The effects of lockdown varied significantly for fleets. For some organisations, their drivers were key workers who were out on the road as usual. They might even have needed more vehicles to cope with extra demand. Others saw most or all of their vehicles parked up for over two months.

While it’s likely to remain ‘business as unusual’ for the weeks, and potentially months, ahead; more and more companies will start getting people back to work, which means road traffic and our call volumes will undoubtedly increase.

To help you plan ahead, and make sure you know that we’re here to support you, we wanted to give you the latest information about our key LeasePlan services.

Servicing with our Maintenance cover

If you have a service due, please call us to arrange – we’ll work with our network of garages to get you booked in as quickly as we can. Just make sure you use the LeasePlan DriverLine, so we can track the work and support you properly. This includes covering the cost of any COVID-related cleaning that is required.

Servicing vehicles without our Maintenance cover 

Just book your service with a reputable garage as usual. You may have to wait a bit longer for a space, but please don’t miss it completely. If there are mechanical issues with your vehicle and a service hasn’t been carried out, it can be difficult to get them sorted under warranty.

Tyres and windscreen repairs

Although MOTs are delayed, vehicles still need to be roadworthy, so it’s worth remembering that tyres and windscreens are the top two reasons for a failure.

Encourage your drivers to check their tyres regularly and report any windscreen cracks, so we can get them fixed – often next day with a mobile fitter. You can take a look at our guidance here.


I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that the lockdown had a significant effect on our ability to collect vehicles. Since the rules were relaxed, we have worked hard to collect all outstanding vehicles and we believe we’re now up to date.

We think that everyone who needs an appointment has one booked in. If you’re still waiting for a collection or an appointment, please let us know straight away.

Staying informed

While everything here is correct at the time of writing, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt over the last few months it’s that the situation can change quickly. While we always look forward to talking with our customers, if you want the latest information straight away, it’s best to check our website.

A good place to start is our regularly updated FAQs page. You can also find online forms for frequent requests on our site.





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