The year in review

It’s that time of year again, when the year is about to run out of time. So, to mark the occasion, we thought we’d tell the story of 2015 through some of our own blog posts. Here are excerpts from ten that were published during the last 12 months; just click on the links to read the posts in full. Oh, and Happy New Year!

Did the Supreme Court put diesels on death row?

By Simon Mason:

‘It’s a pretty fair guess that drivers of diesels will now be discouraged and disincentivised. It’s probably also a fair bet that that will be done with measures that – whether they are a carrot for shifting to different fuels or the stick of adding costs to highly polluting vehicles – will cost drivers of diesels, or at least the more polluting diesels, more.’

France and beyond: our tips for driving into Europe

By Rebecca Whittaker:

‘It might not feel like it, as you sit in front of your computer screen, but we are tantalisingly close to Brittany’s rugged coastline, the peaks of the Alps and the sun-soaked shores of the Mediterranean. But how do we get to them? For 4.2 million Britons, the answer is simple: drive.’

The modernisation of perks

By Alistair Smith:

‘Our parents and grandparents may have hankered for company shares and more generous pensions, but workplace yoga sessions? A siesta room? Our expectations have changed over time, and not just because of changing fashions, but also, surely, because of what we’ve become accustomed to.’

How to beat the diesel driver’s blues: AdBlue

By Simon Mason:

‘Despite its distasteful-sounding origins, AdBlue is a remarkably clever scientific solution. With a car adapted to make use of it, you could drive along secure in the knowledge that you’re not just squeaky clean on the emissions front, but may actually be getting improved performance and fuel economy too.’

Ice road driving

By Alistair Smith:

‘The lesson is that bad weather happens, even in unexpected places. This is part of the reason why Ice Road Truckers is such a compelling show. It’s a showcase for the sorts of skills and qualities that any of us need to make it through the winter.’



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