Global semiconductor shortage continues to impact car manufacturers


Renault and Audi have both announced changes in their discount rates, with significantly less warning than we would generally expect to receive, while Renault has also told us that their factory build slots have been allocated out as far as June 2022.

It seems that the challenges caused by the pandemic and the semi-conductor shortage, plus rising prices for raw materials, are continuing to be a problem for our industry. We doubt that these will be the only late-notice changes we receive from manufacturers, as demand continues to exceed supply, and we are preparing ourselves for this disruption to continue into 2022. With waiting times for new vehicle deliveries continuing to rise and the possibility that certain models may be discontinued, we suggest that if you’re thinking about making an order, it may be worth placing it as soon as possible.

We understand that this could be difficult news for customers with Renaults or Audis on order and we are sorry that we are unlikely to be able to offer all our customers the smooth experience that we would like to over the coming months. That said, you can be sure that we will keep you informed about all the latest developments and be as transparent as can, so we can support you as much as possible in these uncertain times for the industry.

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