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The benefits of centralising your international fleet

An international company typically has a vehicle fleet which is managed independently in each country, based on various methods of vehicle acquisition, with multiple suppliers, systems and solutions.

As an international company looking to drive efficiencies you may have considered centralising aspects of your business, but have you considered moving to a centralised international fleet programme?

These are just some of the benefits:

Moving from multiple suppliers to a single international solution

Working with clients across the globe for over 50 years, LeasePlan offer leasing experience in over 30 countries. This expertise allows LeasePlan international customers to appoint a single provider to cover their fleet requirements for all countries, so they no longer need to have multiple suppliers and a complex range of solutions.

Cost control and efficiencies with harmonised pricing and economies of scale

If you currently negotiate pricing for your fleet separately in each country, LeasePlan’s International Agreement offers harmonised pricing across all countries regardless of the fleet size, delivering cost saving and economies of scale for your business.

Centralised reporting with one source of management information

LeasePlan’s International Fleet Agreement provides customers with consolidated reporting through our International Fleet Reporting Tool. This provides improved management information, making it easier to identify trends and identify cost saving opportunities for your entire vehicle fleet across all countries.


If you need advice on policy and legislation, LeasePlan’s Consultancy Team can help you, as well as identify areas to improve efficiency and help implement changes across your vehicle fleet in every country.

Account Management and an out-sourced Fleet Management solution

By understanding your business needs, LeasePlan’s combined global and local account management work with customers towards shared objectives. With access to our wide range of products such as Accident Management, Daily Rental and Fuel Cards LeasePlan offer a comprehensive single out-sourced fleet management solution.

LeasePlan are one of the world’s largest leasing companies. Our uniquely joined-up approach across countries ensures consistency of service, whilst allowing regional flexibility to meet the fleet requirements of your local operations – ensuring that global needs can be met at a local level.

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