Small fleets, big benefits


Does size matter? When it comes to leasing vehicles, not to the extent you might think. Small companies can enjoy many of the same benefits and services that large companies do. Here are three of the main ones.


Big fleets often procure their vehicles in bulk – and that means discounts. With smaller fleets, the orders may never be as big, but you can get the discounts just the same. All you need do is ask. A leasing firm can either connect you with a vehicle manufacturer, or act on your behalf, to get the best deal. If you need, say, ten cars or vans over two years, it’s much better to make this known to the manufacturer. They are more willing to listen than you might expect, and may then offer you prices that you won’t get from a standard dealership.

2. Online services

Fleets need administration and attention, but many small companies struggle to find the time. That’s why leasing companies have developed various online tools to make everything so much easier. Want to order new vehicles? Want to know how much mileage they’re doing? Want to book them in for servicing? Want new tyres or other parts? All of this can be done through one-stop shop – online. Offering an amazing degree of control: you can even set parameters, in advance, on the types and prices of vehicles that your employees can lease, which then apply automatically. These services save time – and, perhaps more importantly, money.

3. Expertise

A leasing company is there to help. Its people have decades of expertise between them, and will be able to provide the guidance small fleets on what’s best for them. The vehicles that you’ve been using for years might not be fine-tuned for the future, or even for the present. Alternative vehicles might better for your needs and for your budget. Is there a similar model that does the same job for less? Can you save money with an ultra-low emission vehicle? What effect will Mayor Khan’s policies have in operating a fleet London? Your leasing company will know the answers.

And there are many other benefits from leasing, for fleets big and small – you can learn more about them here.




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