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Research reveals compliance is number one concern of business critical fleets


In the second of our series of articles on the needs of commercial vehicle decision makers, we come to the area that they ranked as the most important – compliance, legislation and duty of care. It was also the one where they felt there was the greatest need for advice and expertise.

Keeping up with latest developments

It has to be said, this isn’t the most surprising of findings. New rules seem to arrive on a regular basis and simply keeping up with the latest developments can be a challenge – even before you start making plans to meet their requirements.

What our research also showed, though, is that there are a number of places where fleet managers go to get help. The trade press and trade associations are both popular options, though not necessarily for the same people, as they account for roughly 50% and 40% of our respondents respectively.

Sources of insight

However, there was one area where we saw a significant difference. We spoke to two main groups in the survey – one just contained LeasePlan customers, while the other was spread around the industry.

Among our customers, over 40% said they used their fleet provider as a source of commercial vehicle expertise (putting us in second place, ahead of trade associations and just behind the trade press).  For decision makers who aren’t our customers, only around 15% talked with their fleet provider.

Drawing on expertise

Mark Lovett, Head of Commercial Vehicles, LeasePlan UK says,

We’re very pleased that so many of our customers draw on our expertise and trust us to help them deal with the challenges they face in managing their fleets. However, this support isn’t just open to them. We can certainly do more for the people we work with, thanks to our consultative approach, but we also open up our extensive in-house knowledge to everyone who needs help.

I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t explored our website to take a look at the insights and analysis we offer. Even if you’re happy with the information you receive from the trade press and trade associations, a different perspective can be invaluable – particularly when it comes from a company that is a little closer to the challenges you face, as we have to deal with them as well.

Find out more

If you’re interested in seeing how LeasePlan can help, a great place to start could be our new Compliance white paper, which is free to download from our website.

Alternatively you can get in touch with a  member of our team using our online form or call our New Business Team on 01753 802448 – we’re always happy to hear from you.


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