How to reduce downtime. A guide for fleets.


Downtime is something with which fleet managers everywhere are all too familiar. To an extent, it’s inevitable. All vehicles require servicing, maintenance, repairs and inspections from time to time. But just because downtime can’t be eliminated, it doesn’t mean it can’t be minimised.

In fact, minimising downtime is incredibly important, because every day a vehicle is off the road can be very costly for your organisation. It’s not just the money you spend at the garage, repairing or servicing the vehicle. There are all the associated expenses on top: the cost of any replacement vehicles, the lost productivity because your employees can’t work, and the time spent rearranging schedules.

How to reduce downtime guide 

Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce downtime and minimise these costs. That’s why we’ve produced How to reduce downtime : a guide for business critical fleets – to help you keep your vehicles on the road as much as possible. It contains tips on everything from selecting the right vehicles to training your drivers – meaning lower vehicle-off-road costs, more productive employees, and happier customers – all the ingredients for a healthier, more efficient fleet.

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