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The importance of making time for daily van checks


Faulty vehicles are the bane of every fleet operator. They can cost your business a lot of time and money while you wait for them to be fixed. In fact, the cost of having a van off the road can be as much as £1000 per day.

Even worse, they can cause accidents involving your drivers. According to the latest government figures, vehicle defects contributed to 1,687 accidents and 2,586 causalities on Britain’s roads in 2016.

Daily van checks 

To help we’ve created a simple infographic reminder of the daily van checks to make. You can also download and print a high resolution version of the LeasePlan Daily van checks infographic here

Find out more 

If you’re interested in seeing how LeasePlan can help keep with vehicle compliance and safety take a look at My Vehicle Check – an app that lets drivers complete daily safety and compliance checks from their smartphone.

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