Commercial Fleet Success


The way you run a commercial vehicle fleet makes a difference to the bottom line. In fact a great fleet can deliver a competitive advantage to your business.

You probably have a good idea of your biggest costs and liabilities. But there are lots of hidden factors that businesses just don’t know enough about (even when they think they do). Not knowing can lead to unwanted difficulties. Knowing can lead to wanted success.

Our new ebook shines light on four steps you need to take to make sure your commercial fleet is efficient, driver-friendly, compliant and service focused.

1. Business Analysis
Most commercial fleets are fit for a purpose. But it’s often not today’s business model. Start by asking questions that help you judge whether your fleet is built to support today’s driver challenges.

2. Funding Assessment
Do you have a funding model that suits your business model? The goal is to find a choice that suits your current fleet and the businesses challenges you take every day.

3. Deal Negotiation
A good deal comes on the back of a great business analysis. Many a seemingly great deal on vehicles comes unstuck with unwanted service failures, falling uptime and poor performance. Good deals are whole-life deals.

4. Understand Outsourcing
Some businesses love outsourcing. Some don’t. But the smartest businesses understand where specialist outsourcing delivers a tangible value that they just can’t find in-house. A commercial fleet means a duty of care to drivers, customers and the business.

Download our ebook and find out how you can tick every box today.



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