Construction Firm works with LeasePlan

Interserve centralises UK fleet

Brief facts

Client fleet: 4,800 vehicles

Objective: To reduce three different divisions into one centralised outsourced fleet

Results: Simplified communication and an improved driver experience

The challenge

Following an acquisition, our client, a support services and construction company, needed to condense its in-house fleet management from three divisions into one fully-outsourced solution.

The approach

The company kick-started the process by carrying out a six-month review of its fleet activities. This led to big changes for the company in terms of what was delivered internally and what was outsourced to a lease partner.

At this point, LeasePlan was appointed to support our customer on around 80% of its operational process activities and provide a simple, easy-to-manage service.

In order to create an efficient, centralised solution, LeasePlan recommended streamlining communication, including both customer and internal touch-points.

Improvements to the new car order process were also suggested, as well as broadening the manufacturers and models available on the company’s car list.

The result

Working in close partnership with LeasePlan, our client has been able to simplify its communications. Rather than using multiple phone numbers and email addresses, drivers can now call one easy helpline.

Phone calls, email updates and reminders were also rolled out to drivers waiting for new cars, offering the chance to touch base with them and provide tips on things like vehicle returns.

Having a single funding provider has brought a level of simplicity and ease of management

Driver experience isn’t the only thing that our customer has benefited from thanks to its partnership with LeasePlan. Following feedback from a driver survey, we’ve worked together to open up vehicle choice on the company car list, shaking up the variety of manufacturers and models available.

While there are no plans to end its cash scheme, our client hopes positive driver experiences will tempt more cash takers back into cars. This work has already made an impact, with 5% of cash takers opting in during the last 12 months.

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