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6 Tips to keep Vehicle Off Road to a minimum


Whether a vehicle is off the road due to accident, breakdown or unscheduled maintenance the cost of having vehicles off the road for any length of time is not only disruptive – it’s costly. In fact, some estimates suggest the cost of having a vehicle off road is between £763 and £1000 per day*.

Here are some simple steps to reducing your fleet’s VOR time from LeasePlan.

1. Conducting Daily vehicle checks

A daily driver walk around check will not only ensure your vehicles are roadworthy – it’ll also help to meet FORS and FTA best practice(Source 2). Daily checks on tyres to lights, steering, brakes and mirrors can be quickly and easily carried out to help keep vehicles on the road.

Our Daily Vehicle Check App enables drivers to conduct a daily vehicle check; providing online data, auditing and reporting for transport teams.

2. Finding flexibility in your fleet

Seasonal demands, new starters, new contracts… there are a multitude of reasons as to why you might need to temporarily top-up your fleet – but sometimes you don’t want the commitment of a traditional, long-term lease agreement.

Our LeasePlan Flexible option may be the ideal solution for you.

3. Knowing Optimum replacement cycles

As a vehicle ages, typically, its capital costs decrease while its operating costs increase. Understanding the point in the vehicle’s lifecycle when it’s likely to need more time in the garage and less time on the road is worth knowing.

Speak to your LeasePlan Account Manager about our Critical Fleet Audit, which looks as optimum renewal cycles.

4. Keeping track of unscheduled service, maintenance and repairs.

Having vehicles off the road due to lack of maintenance is not only preventable, it can also be more costly. Get your total cost of maintenance under control and avoid unnecessary vehicle off road time by following a service plan for your vehicles.

Speak to us about how LeasePlan Uptime Live, out of hours and mobile servicing can all maximise the utilisation of your fleet.

5. Unlocking the power of big data

Telematics devices measure everything from the vehicle’s revolutions per minute, fuel usage, wear and tear on the vehicle, as well as driver safety incidents, including speeding, hard-cornering and hard-braking. Making sense of all the data means you can put measures in place to improve vehicle utilisation.

Find out how LeasePlan Telematics delivers near real-time vehicle data and insight to your fingertips.

6. Keeping drivers safe with driver training

Online driver training can help to address safety issues with drivers and effectively deploy one to one driver training to identify, correct and significantly improve driver safety and behaviour.

Discover why LeasePlan RiskAware can deliver greater levels of insight than ever before on your fleet related incidents.


To find out more about how LeasePlan can transform your fleet management and reduce damaging downtime, get in touch with our expert team today. Simply call us on 0344 493 5810 or fill out our online form.


Source: Vehicle off road costs


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