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Fleet Issues – Public Sector

We know that the public sector and not-for-profit sector are facing many challenges at the moment. Right across the country, from local authorities to the NHS, charities to Housing Associations – people are having to make difficult financial decisions.

Austerity lies at the heart of it, of course, but alongside budget cuts, there are framework agreements and varying procurement processes to navigate.

To help, we’ve put together a range of ideas around reducing costs, minimising environmental impacts and offering employees a benefits package that is both attractive and cost-effective.

Public Sector employee mobility study publishedRead the post

Written by Posted on 14.11.2016

Research into how public sector organisations are currently approaching their fleet management solutions.

Meeting the need of public sector fleetRead the post

Written by Posted on 20.05.2015

In truth, the industry is failing public sector fleets. Most vehicle leasing companies would...

Leasing versus Purchasing

An election that leaves the fleet industry hanging

Written by | Posted on 09.06.2017

Following the result of the 2017 General Election, we ask what this could mean for the fleet industry.

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fuel duty graph

Fuel Duty – all you need to know

Written by | Posted on 23.09.2016

Make no mistake, Fuel Duty is a hot topic - it accounts for half of everything we spend at the pump. Read on for All you need to know about Fuel Duty.

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Exit sign

Brexit and the British car industry

Written by | Posted on 15.03.2016

WIthh 100 days to go until the EU Referendum, Marcus Roberts, International Projects Director of YouGov on Brexit and the British Car Industry.

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The Government’s charm offensive

Written by | Posted on 29.02.2016

The Government’s policies towards motorists, aren’t just coming more regularly than before, but also appear to be getting more generous.

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child in car seat

Back to School Traffic

Written by | Posted on 03.09.2015

Back to School - Cars swarming around areas that are cluttered with children is a dangerous set-up. Find out what you can do to improve road safety.

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Man directing person into parking space

Goldsmith should be wary of free parking

Written by | Posted on 28.07.2015

Richmond MP Zac Goldsmith celebrates decision to allow 30 mins free parking to boost business in the borough - but it has its drawbacks.

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No parking sign

The dangers of workplace parking levies

Written by | Posted on 14.07.2015

Nottingham’s council was, in 2012, the first in Britain to impose a new tax on local businesses. That tax is the Workplace Parking Levy.

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Fuel costs

Budget: Osborne’s surprise package for motorists

Written by | Posted on 10.07.2015

This Budget’s headline-grabbers – such as the announcement of a National Living Wage – were surprises. And so were many of its motoring policies.

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Public sector commuting survey: the results are in

Written by | Posted on 20.05.2015

The journey to work is a significant part of every day – in terms of cost, stress and environmental impact as well as time – yet comparatively little attention has been paid to this issue. Until now.

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the road ahead

The road ahead [General Election 2015]

Written by | Posted on 11.05.2015

Following last week's General Election 2015 Result we look at what the new government may do about transport.

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Licence changes could impact foreign car hire

Written by | Posted on 01.05.2015

Going on holiday this summer? Good news! You don’t need to take the paper part of your driving licence to hire a car.

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toll road

Transport and the three main party manifestos

Written by | Posted on 20.04.2015

Now that we have the manifestos of the main parties for next month’s general election, it’s worth having a look at what each says

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Budget: Driverless Technology Boost

Written by | Posted on 25.03.2015

 No great changes for drivers from the Budget – except the plans to get rid of them.

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A new roadmap for the future

Written by | Posted on 03.02.2015

LeasePlan UK Managing Director Matthew Dyer on the roadmap for the future of driving.

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Electric vehicle

Are Cars Electric (at last)?

Written by | Posted on 30.01.2015

The all electric Nissan Leaf sold just over 4,000 last year and grabbing more than half of the total market for pure EVs.

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Bus red

Ban benefits claimants from driving?

Written by | Posted on 28.01.2015

Every political party would love to come up with a foolproof, popular plan to ease congestion while saving taxpayers’ money.

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man seated

Review of the Political Parties’ Transport Policies

Written by | Posted on 19.12.2014

So, what did this year’s conferences tell us about the coming battle over transport policy? Mostly, that there will be a heavy emphasis on high-speed rail – perhaps to the detriment of any talk about motoring.

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man reading paper

What did the Autumn Statement mean for motorists?

Written by | Posted on 04.12.2014

What did the Autumn Statement mean for motorists? Quite a lot, in fact, and probably more than the average Budget does.

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watching man

The OECD are watching

Written by | Posted on 02.12.2014

The OECD think that the environmental and social costs of company car use are inadequately reflected in the tax system.

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New roads are long overdue

Written by | Posted on 01.12.2014

The case for new roads. New road building programme is long overdue, and the only way to get ahead.

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Should we invest in new roads?

Written by | Posted on 27.11.2014

The case against new roads. Will anyone use them, who'll pay for them, and should we fix the ones we've got first?

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Man sat at desk thinking

Where’s the sacrifice?

Written by | Posted on 25.11.2014

How would you like a pay cut? But what if it actually made you better off?

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Car on Road Moneybox

Should all motoring tax be spent on roads?

Written by | Posted on 30.10.2014

A balance needs to be struck - motorists feel overtaxed, yet Government have underinvested in Britain’s infrastructure.

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crack in road

Digging the roads into deeper holes

Written by | Posted on 13.10.2014

The Government's short term approach taken towards the road repairs needed to put right the large numbers of potholes.

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Fuel costs

The cost of fuel duty cuts

Written by | Posted on 17.09.2014

The current Govermment has cut or frozen fuel duty to such an extent that it's 20% lower than planned at the last election. All of this is good news for motorists, right? Well, yes – on paper..

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Fleet of vehicles

Diesel continues to do nicely [ Guest Blog]

Written by | Posted on 11.09.2014

The Great Diesel Debate [ part 3 ] The case for diesel

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blue sky

Can hate be good? [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 10.09.2014

The Great Diesel Debate [ part 2 ] The case against diesel

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green car v black car

As Boris gets grilled, we fire up The Great Diesel Debate

Written by | Posted on 10.09.2014

We’ve invited two guest writers to make the case for and against diesel vehicles. Today, Mark Simpson makes the case against tomorrow, Nick Gibbs for them.

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hand phone

A wake-up call for drivers who use mobile phones

Written by | Posted on 10.09.2014

Current estimates suggest that around 500 people a year are killed or seriously injured as a result of drivers distracted by mobile phones.

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toll road

For whom the road tolls

Written by | Posted on 03.09.2014

There’s no doubt that a lot of problems would get solved a lot quicker if we rolled up our sleeves and attempted to sort them out ourselves.

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cash in fuel tank

Will diesel charges make petrol more affordable?

Written by | Posted on 13.08.2014

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced that a supplement of £10 on top of the congestion charge is to be introduced on almost all diesel vehicles entering the capital from 2020.

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Green Tractor

The end of tractor tailbacks

Written by | Posted on 31.07.2014

It sounds fine to tell tractors to pull over, but should we fine them if they can’t?

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Man blue tie

Mondeo Man

Written by | Posted on 24.07.2014

Blair's 'Mondeo Man' conceived at the 1996 Labour Party Conference was created to establish a credo that his party could follow and voters could sign up to.

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Low snow road

High Road or Low Road?

Written by | Posted on 02.07.2014

If Scotland chooses the road to independence in the referendum this September, no one can be quite sure what direction transport policy will take.

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Car on Road Moneybox

Road pricing’s a hard sell without the carrot

Written by | Posted on 23.06.2014

Last month’s paper by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), The Long Road...

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Drivers! Know your limits!

Written by | Posted on 22.05.2014

Forget about brown being the new black, or comedy being the new rock ’n’...

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Bike v Car on road

Division on the road needn’t be a vicious cycle [Guest Blog]

Written by | Posted on 21.05.2014

People want to use cars and bikes. Yet the more sensationalist elements of the media love to portray a war on Britain’s roads between those who drive and those who cycle.

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Potholes on top of potholes

Written by | Posted on 17.04.2014

In last week's Sunday Times there was a suggestion that our pockmarked roads could help raise awareness of climate change. Perhaps there’s a reason why Chancellor George Osborne isn’t rushing to fill them all in, after all.

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red carpet

Handy guide to armoured cars

Written by | Posted on 16.04.2014

According to recent reports, the next president, whoever he or she may be, will be getting a brand new limo.

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Is there no end to roads?

Written by | Posted on 08.04.2014

There has been some surprise, and complaint, from environmental groups that the Department for...

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man reading paper

A slight budget for motorists but still a welcome one

Written by | Posted on 20.03.2014

Gosh, George, thanks for reading! First, we advise the Chancellor to watch out for...

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David Brennan MD LeasePlan

Budget 2014 : Initial reaction

Written by | Posted on 19.03.2014

Initial reaction to 2014 Budget Manufacturing The pledge to support British manufacturing will help...

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scandi ev

Rather buy an electric car? Norwegians would

Written by | Posted on 28.02.2014

We’ve been watching all those Nordic crime dramas and Borgen, so we know how...

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traffic night

Smile! You’re on candid camera…

Written by | Posted on 24.02.2014

The news that the Government plans to have new “stealth” speed cameras approved and...

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Commuter scooter

Tube strikes: what a difference a half-century makes

Written by | Posted on 06.02.2014

If you don’t live in London, look away now. If you do, you’ll know...

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crack in road

Watch out for the potholes, George

Written by | Posted on 30.01.2014

Here on the LeasePlan blog, we tend to bridle at the idea that motorists...

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smart motorways

The limits of speed limits

Written by | Posted on 16.01.2014

The announcement that the Highways Agency is considering reducing the speed limit on a...

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red car

End of the road for the tax disc

Written by | Posted on 09.12.2013

The announcement, in George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, that the paper tax disc, first introduced...

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cash in fuel tank

Autumn Statement: Waiting for the dust to settle

Written by | Posted on 05.12.2013

Positive on petrol – but infrastructure still needs further support David Brennan, Managing Director...

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Rural Fuel Subsidy

Written by | Posted on 31.10.2013

They’ll be singing and dancing in the streets of Hawes, north Yorkshire, Kirkby-in-Furness in...

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Written by | Posted on 23.08.2013

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Telematics Data Sheets

Written by | Posted on 23.08.2013

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electric car

Thanks to EV’s, Mr Clegg’s paying

Written by | Posted on 01.06.2013

Would you like to drive an electric car? The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg...

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